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[VIDEO] SHAWNO – “BLAME ON ME” | @NationShawno

Shawno Releases Official Music Video “Blame On Me”

The City of Houston has a lead role to play when it comes to hip hop music’s popularity. It is the home to many iconic and legendary rappers and also the budding zone of newcomers. One artist who is recently becoming the talk of the town is Shawno and his tracks are exemplary ones to define the spark of the Houston hip hop scene.


Shawno is young and enthusiastic and is well versed with the changing trends of the genre. He is one star who has taken the Dirty South music to the next level. The lyrics of his tracks are evocative and deals with different critical issues faced by the masses. This artist is soon going to become global with the exquisite range of tracks with his soon-to-be-released “Tsunami”  Shawno’s persona is a combination of Eminem’s tenacity and Kendrick Lamar’s dexterity that makes him suitable to perform any style in the genre. He is the one whose tracks are the best example to define “conscious rap” that is not only meant for entertaining but literally connects with the listeners. The singles of “Shawno” that prove his mastery over the genre are “Tatted Tho”, the debut single with street style elements, “Digga”, the perfect club track, and more.

The new Houston rapper Shawno is acknowledged for his Deep South singles best witnessed in “Blame On Me” from his extended play. Be sure to connect with Shawno on all social media and digital music platforms.