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East Coast Artist Poetic Lace and T’Juan TMK team up on his latest single “All Eyes on You”

Poetic Lace, born Le’Serone Smith, is a young man who God called while he was dealing with homelessness. Far from perfect but striving for perfection, Poetic Lace was born in Compton, California, and moved to Jacksonville, Florida after the murder of his dad. Beating the odds of becoming another statistic, Poetic Lace pressed his way to college using his book smarts and athleticism. 

Poetic Lace’s first single from his debut label (YKF) release “Angle of Incidence” premiered on 28th May 2021. Filled with resonant beats, the song “All Eyes on You” was featured first on YouTube with a resounding video shot by Poetic himself. With drastic words and a hip-hop sound, Florida-raised rapper delivered a masterclass that unfolded a personal tale of nostalgia in life.


“I told the whole world, this is what I choose”

In the song, he features three-time top Billboard charting and songwriter T’Juan TMK who delivers refreshing vocals on the refrain to set the message straight. Mixed and mastered by Wisconsin mega-producer B4Lasers, the duet reflected on the redemptive collision between hip-hop and lifestyle to create one of the most powerful sounds of the moment. While acknowledging the rap culture, Poetic’s flows on the track describe his hunger and aspiration to make music that’s living beyond time. His verses are filled with brilliance. In just only two months, its video on YouTube already has over 11k streams. You should check it out! Be sure to connect with Poetic Lace on his website, social media, and digital music platforms.







Listen to “All Eyes On You” on your favorite stream now: 



Midwest Rapper, SyckCezzy’s visual on his Latest Banga, “Blue Faces”featuring Stevie Stone

Ice-T and Henry “Hen Gee” Garcia’s label, Final Level Music has emerged another hardcore artist and his name is SyckCezzy. The soon-to-be Los Angeles artist was born in Missouri and raised in Richmond Virginia. Growing up on the southside of Richmond wasn’t the ultimate dream for the young Syck but it was an experience. Although he grew up on welfare, his mother and stepfather made it work. While his stepfather was working, his mother took care of the family which proved challenging in a neighborhood where something was always going on.

“I’d change nothing at all because I wouldn’t be- who I am today- if I did.” 

In 2010, SyckCezzy begins to take rap more seriously after his cousin introduces him to it. His style lyrically represents his truth and the lifestyle he lives. Let’s say the South, influenced by the Midwest. When in creative mode and to prevent writer’s block, SyckCezzy likes to lock in on the task at hand. Occasionally, he prefers to write before a studio session. He diligently tests flows and techniques bar from bar-before choosing which ones to use on a track.

“I’m a “reality” rapper that’s what I consider myself … You can’t fit me in a certain type of box”

SyckCezzy pays homage to his mentor, Henry “Hen Gee” Garcia, a successful music industry professional and his close friend Tone Gee from Minnesota. has experienced some memorable studio sessions while being a Final Level Music Artist. He would like to work with some notable figures in the game like Gucci Mane, J. Cole, Travis Scott, and Zaytoven. 


SyckCezzy prides himself as a diverse artist that works with all genres of music. Ten years from now, Syck will focus on different phases and styles that the hip-hop genre has gone through over the last few decades. With a winning strategy in place, SyckCezzy plans to put his people in a position to win along with giving back to his people. His message to the youth is strong- “Please educate yourselves by paying attention, follow your dream, work hard, and don’t accept “NO” as an answer.” The rapper/entrepreneur has a new business venture and it is ‘Syck Wine’ to build generational wealth. Other rappers have done this through apparel and electronics for example.

If it wasn’t for the Creator, HenGee, and Ice-believing in me and allowing me to be part of the Final Level Music/Syndicate Brotherhood- I don’t know where I’d be in life”

SyckCezzy’s new single “Blue Faces” features Stevie Stone, a childhood friend from the neighborhood. The single appeals to those who can relate to the day-to-day hustle. Syck and Stevie’s approach in this gangsta track considers multiple devious approaches that will increase their net worth at the expense of the well-connected streets. The single is available on all digital music platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. Be sure to connect with SyckCezzy on all social media and digital music platforms.







Chicago Recording Artist MoneyGang delivers a message in his latest project “Barz” for snitches to hear

If you’re from “The Chi”, there are certain codes that you just don’t violate. Chicago artist MoneyGang encounters a snitch in his organization and decides to handle it his own way. Watch his music video “BARZ” to find out how!

The video is directed by @OpenMediaProductions and @G.O.A.T_Visuals. The Executive Producer is @MakeThatMillEnt. Be sure to connect with MoneyGang on social media and digital music platforms.