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Outlaw Muddbaby announces the release of his new single, “Party”

Outlaw Muddbaby is gaining plenty of attention and doesn’t plan on stopping

Outlaw Muddbaby

Outlaw Muddbaby is pleased to announce the release of his latest single, “Party” on Sep 30, 2022, on all major streaming services. Following his succession of single releases throughout 2021 including, the explosive Too Playa which hit Spotify’s big editorial playlist, Hip Hop Mix, which has 1.7 million followers, Too Playa received over 158k views in less than a month since release and also featured in Fifty.com. With over 15 single releases, Outlaw Muddbaby is gaining plenty of attention and recognition for his clever lyrics, dynamic melodies, and deep, penetrating beats which fill the listening space and create a full Hip-Hop experience.

Mississippi native, Outlaw Muddbaby is touring extensively throughout Mississippi and is branching out to Houston, TX where his live performance is bound to draw a large crowd. It is Outlaw Muddbaby’s professional, and serious performance that draws the crowd in, as this rapper blends the business of music with the art of lyric writing and freestyle rap to draw his listener in. Exploring intricate social themes throughout his vocals, Outlaw brings credibility to his lyrics with experience, maturity, and an innate ability to challenge his audience.As the view counts rise, and his music is added to many leading Hip-Hop playlists, Outlaw Muddbaby is proving he is the real deal in this industry. Singles like “Muddy Water” and “Forbidden Love” are compelled to the radio.

LISTEN HERE h ttps://ffm.to/party-outlaw-muddbaby






Meet ROD The Challenger – The Next Rising Rap Superstar

ROD The Challenger focuses on bringing more music to his fans

ROD The Challenger is an artist taking Mississippi by storm. He went professional at the age of 19 like other young hip-hop artists in pursuit to be the best artist in the music industry. “The Challenger” is a rapper with quality music that’s rare. 


“Unlike most artists coming up, I have multiple styles to give the audience. A lot of things I have very skillfully as a hip hop artist put into my creation that most new artists would not think about trying because they do not have the love I have for the music I create. This way, my music never sounds the same.”- ROD The Challenger

ROD The Challenger produces his music and has written and produced songs for other rap artists. He just released his EP on Spotify called “Here We Come.” With the smash hit, “6 Feet Deep,” the first of many future releases to be shared with his fans- old and new. Be sure to connect with ROD on most social media and digital music platforms.