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Decatur, Georgia Artist, Change remains in a Lane of His Own on his new single “In My Prime”


Change aka Chang$ reps Zone 6 in Decatur, Georgia. The recording artist is in top form and looks to conquer even more this year. Having toured the world and seen his life change, he is fueled up and ready to deliver more music to the masses. He urges fans to continue riding with him, and newcomers get familiar with his new single, “In My Prime.”

CHANGEReleased through Lyt Lyfe Ent., Chang$ shows that it took a lot for him to get this far, and he is ready for the long haul. He also lets us in on his everyday life in the lyrics and is all about bringing good vibes wherever he goes. With tracks like “10-4” still doing well since its 2018 release, and projects like “Off The Top” and “Long Way Home” adding to his buzz, Chang$ looks to play a vital role in the new sound that’s coming out of Georgia. With P. Diddy, Michael Jackson, Cassidy, and Chris Brown as some of his influences,

Change is all about making legendary moves in his career, and thinking outside the box.

Chang$’s “In My Prime” is now available for streaming on all digital streaming platforms. Along with the track, he will be releasing a new single every week leading up to an event in August 2020 where his career will be making new strides with a major deal signing. For future updates and more, connect with Change on social media and digital music platforms.






Darrell Kelley rises up to meet another intense moment in our sociopolitical history


With its cries of “We want justice” backing the main vocal, “Ahmaud” is a heartrending song about the inexplicable tragedy of Ahmaud Arbery. The singer, songwriter, and socially conscious musical Renaissance man released the hard-hitting track on May 18, 2020. Darrell frames his blunt, intensely emotional narrative about the murder with a larger social context. Those demanding justice aren’t just talking about prison time for Ahmaud’s killers, but changes in a local justice system that failed for months to charge them with a crime.


The message behind Darrell Kelley’s music inspires others, touches hearts, feeds the souls, and influences lives for the better.

Darrell Kelley is a performer, singer, songwriter, social activist, spiritual leader, author, and entrepreneur. Where injustice prevails Kelley has been known to plunge headlong into the fight to seek justice, understanding, acceptance, and unity for one and all. Be sure to connect with Darrell Kelly on his social media platforms and digital music platforms.