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MUSIC: Tattie -“Mistakes”

Tattie delivers the “Mistakes” single from the “Orange Space” album

Tattie is a Canadian-based rapper living in Vancouver B.C. Tattie was born in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, but was not in the most stable environment. Luckily, Tattie would eventually be found and given a chance at life when he’s adopted into a big family. Born with physical limitations, Tattie lives from all sorts of situations and experiences and hopes to use them as one of the main drivers behind his music. 


Tattie aspires to write, rap, sing poetry, and draw inspiration from the very life he lives day to day. He hopes to push his boundaries and aims to work on developing himself as a versatile artist of various flavors and flows. His biggest influences were the early 2005-2010’s RNB and Pop music era artists such as 50 Cent, Akon, Eminem, Rhianna, Lloyd Banks, and Bow Wow. Also, Big Pun and Nas are two of the many influences impacting his growing-up stages. Music has always been a place Tattie finds and loses the identities he’s reflected and dissected over the years. Listen to him if you’re down to listen with heart because that’s all he’s giving when making his music. Be sure to connect with Tattie on his social media and all digital music streaming platforms.











[NEW MUSIC] Garrett Gregory – “Leavin’ You”

Garrett Gregory delivers his single “Leavin’ You” on all major streaming platforms

Albertan Country artist Garrett Gregory is releasing brand new music throughout the year from his forthcoming album titled “Woke Love.” The previously released single “Taste of Summertime” has achieved over 15,000 on Spotify and is expected to do more. This Indie artist is prepared to take you to another level of “entertainment.”

When Garrett Gregory is not on stage singing his heart out, you can find him volunteering at the “SPCA” or singing to his own two cats at home. Don’t be fooled – this vocal-shredding cat dad puts his spin on what he likes about country music and then rubs it in the dirt. Dallas Smith, Chris Daughtry, and Patrick Droney are among the few artists that inspire him to do what he loves, how he loves it. His unique brand fuses a tight, high-energy sound with a wildly driving show that will leave you wanting more.

Garrett Gregory

Garrett Gregory’s single “Leavin’ You” has been heard by fans worldwide and is a great release that you should become familiar with. The single has amassed well over 57,000 on Spotify and other streaming sites. Be sure to go on his website to see if “The Garrett Gregory Experience” is coming to a town near you. Also, follow him on all social media and all digital music streaming platforms. 










International Recording Artist, Young Saint Nick teams up with Canadian producer Victor Ardene on latest single, “Gold” 

Young Saint Nick was born in Newmarket and raised in the studio. At the age of 16, YSN penned some lyrics and gave his best shot on the mic. It was a hobby until he met his partner in crime, Victor Ardene. The young producer’s interest piqued at the age of 15 and Victor decided to attend college, where he was in the top rankings of his whole class. The partnership was a God-send because Young Saint Nick lacked the knowledge and skills needed for his newly released project. At that moment, they re-recorded/re-mastered every track on the mixtape “Raised in the Studio.”

The self-titled song appeared on the mixtape, which debuted on YSN’s Soundcloud and Youtube accounts. “Raised in the Studio” – a creative metaphorical semi-fictional story about Young Saint Nick’s upbringing in the studio- was created during the compilation process of the project. During this time, the dynamic duo pumped out original music that was getting good responses. After their first song, “Moving On,” they dropped it on an eight-track album across 150 music platforms.

At that time, YSN proved that he is a contender in this game. He started developing his musical technique quickly which could be heard in his delivery. In his own right, he was beginning to surpass some of his idols like Eminem and Nonstop mainly because he studied their lyrical punchlines and dance styles. With his natural touch and work ethic, YSN has been told by fans that they would rather watch him than Nonstop.

Young Saint Nick worked hard to get to where he is, and it’s safe to say he’s on his way to reaching much-aspired fame. Only time will tell where his extraordinary work ethic will take him. Connect with Young Saint Nick to watch his journey.

Young Saint Nick


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