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[MUSIC] GOLDEN- “GOLDEN-ZONE”| @Haterzjustdoit

Southern Artist, Golden captures his listeners with his single “Golden- Zone”

The underground artist named Golden is from Birmingham Alabama with a Toronto-based sound. Coming from poverty with an absent father and mother, he grows up moving between Chicago, Atlanta, and his native land. Never spending much time anywhere hinders him from establishing real relationships. Most life events pertaining to his relocations are short term and translates into his relationships now. He has never been able to give any lady, all he can, in fear that it will all just up and disappear when he gets comfortable. 

GOLDENGolden has very few friends due to causing much trouble in his younger life. In pursuit of respect, he wouldn’t get due to wearing the same clothes and never having money or anything his peers had, which he turned to violence to do so. He thought, if they wouldn’t respect him, they would fear him. Due to abusive siblings and poor parenting, his emotional trauma has bled into his adult life. Trusting no one and very few people in his reclusive circle numb him to desire any relationship with anyone and even still distrusting his closest friends with the deep truth that everyone is temporary. Creative expression has been the only permanent force he has known to have never left him. Golden uses music as an outlet to express his pain and make a better life for himself and the people around him. Be sure to connect with him on all social media and digital music platforms.


IG/ Twitter: Haterzjustdoit

SoundCloud: Golden

[NEW MUSIC] Topo La Máskara – “Original”|

International Artist, Topo la Máskara releases his latest EP “Original”

Juan José Brito Castillo, known as Topo la Máskara, born January 5, 1987, in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic, is an urban singer and music producer, famed for worldwide hits such as “Verdinha” Ludmilla, “Estoy Aqui” MC Fioti, “Scooby-Doo Papa” Dj Kass/PitBull. “, among others.

Topo La Máskara began in the music environment at 14 years of age. He performed at parties as “Dj Live” covering his face with a mask from which his stage name emerges.

From 2012, his artistic career takes a new turn, producing the song that would be the musical hit of the year in his native country, entitled “Quue Mujer Tan Chula”, by the performer Vákero. Since then, he continued to collaborate and produce for countless artists of the urban genre, including Ludmilla, Dalex, Stefflon Don, Mc Fioti, Mr.Vegas, Edward Maya, Nyla, Walshy Fire, Yolanda Be Cool, Neutro, Archangel, Mozart La Para, Nicky Jam, Farruko, Nejo and Dálmata, Dj Luian, Amara la Negra, Dj Kass/PitBull among others.

In 2018, he signed with the company HVB Music Group and together with his manager, Helder Vilas Boas, launched the first Dominican label. Topo la Máskara is today one of the most versatile and prestigious urban music producers around the world.






West Coast Artist, King Malik wants the ladies to “Shake Something”

King Malik producer and artist from California based in Los Angeles brings you the party song “Shake Something” produced by TUGG from the LIT OG album. For more King Malik to listen to go on all platforms! He’s got three albums. He is known for his Bubba Kush album released 2019 a homage to Dr. Dre the Chronic.

King Malik

King Malik has many styles and makes songs about life and fun on an even scale. Be sure to connect with King Malik on social media and digital music platforms.