[New Music] Newby – “Bishonen; Monkey Business”

Newby is a Canadian Artist Born and Raised in Toronto, Ontario. His love for music started at a young age as his main influences were from the 80’s and 90’s. Newby is quick when it comes to his word plays and innuendoes, and doesn’t miss when it comes to the visuals. His recent EP ‘Bishonen; Monkey Business’ was just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the Quirky and Unpredictable Rapper. His Last Music Video for ‘The Boy’ has raked in over 25,000 views in just one month, showcasing another side to him that viewers don’t normally see. Be sure to follow up with his latest work on on www.rudeboy.ca

[New Music] Trevah – “Maintain”

Rising artist Trevah just dropped a hot new single titled “Maintain”. Trevah’s sound is a perfect representation of the new age Canadian hip hop sound. His flow and melodic hooks are very catchy while his lyrics speak for his roots from his past. To continue, the Ottawa native has been racking up attention from the music industry in the past 6 months.

Produced by Jd Krazy , Trevah touch’s on the common theme in hip hop doing what it takes to obtain status , power and material success. It’s something millions of people around the world can relate to, and something Trevah witnessed in his community starting at a young age.

“If you listen to the lyrics, it touches on me and my friends going through the struggle and finding a way out through hard work” Trevah explains.


“Maintaining a strong attitude and the proper work ethic you can achieve things you wouldn’t have imagined possible .”

Like most of Trevah’s singles to date, “Maintain”

“It’s more of a up beat song, but nothing too crazy or out of our range. Melodic and strong conviction in each verse” “Mostly, we were just trying to keep it real .”

Along with the his latest singles Trevah is currently preparing for the release of his project which is expected to drop next year.

“Maintain” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify and various other digital streaming platforms.







East Coast Super Producer TZIE releases debut EP “TFrost”

Washington, DC native TZIE born as Mark Evans Robinson Jr. wears many hats; Father, Husband, Super Producer, Singer, and Songwriter. The creative extraordinaire is signed with 4EYMG, which enables him to produce for an entire range of artists on the roster. The Suitland, MD Producer grew up in a blue-collar household where playing music wasn’t considered a career. Both parents worked for the DC Metropolitan Police Department with more than 25 years in service. As early as 2-years-old, TZIE knew that music chose him. He received a drum set for Christmas then the gift was born. “I became obsessed, taught myself. Once I felt I was great enough to start going out into the world with my gift, I grew a hunger for all the other instruments, then production, then audio production. Soon enough, I fell in love with everything music. Period,” says TZIE. If you have listened to Jade Alexis’ “Toxic” or Torazz” – “Baby I Gotta”, you would know that TZIE’s multi-talented abilities separate him from the rest. His creative sound is guaranteed to put him on top and keep him there.


“I have no limits to my artistry now. I can go whenever and however I please and have the confidence that it will sound as good as I want it to.” – TZIE

Most people recognize Kanye as a rapper, but TZIE recognizes the true artistry in Kanye —the Producer— which fuels the drive and pumps the inspiration of his music production mindset. “Kanye taught me the keys to success through our similar stories growing up. He taught me consistency, how to create outside of my comfort zone, work ethic, and most of all, how to inspire myself daily. I inspire myself now every day because of how Kanye molded my mindset to be,” he says. TZIE has aspirations of working with Ye, Travis Scott, Baby Keem, Snoop Dogg, Doja Cat, Tyler the Creator – to name a few. He has been steadily building his production arsenal with over 2,000 finished tracks and is ready to show the world- he is worthy of being highly recognized as the most slept-on Producer.

Truthfully, TZIE is bringing a fresh new style of Hip-Hop to the industry. This impressive young up-and-coming Producer has completed his new EP “TFrost” which features a few of his labelmates like CharleeLynai and Lil Leek. The 7-track storyline is about TZIE’s alter ego, who is a bad villain but not by choice. The EP depicts events that took place in his life that caused him to be a cold-hearted individual that plays no games. In “TFROST”, TZIE will unapologetically take you on a journey. You will learn who he is, his mindset, his everyday life, and his thought patterns. “TFrost” is available on all digital music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. Be sure to connect with TZIE on social media and all digital music platforms.










SyckCezzy teams up with FLM Label Mate Daniel Peter on Follow up single “Downfall”

Final Level Music Artists SyckCezzy and Daniel Peter are back with a new joint entitled “Downfall.” It’s a creative project that showcases Syckcezzy’s gritty poetic style and Daniel Peter’s silky vocals. The duo skillfully explains how a precipitous decline in status or wealth can happen when a hater speaks against you. The track was executively produced by two well-renowned veterans in the game-Ice-T and Hen Gee Garcia. 


SyckCezzy was born in Missouri and raised in Richmond Virginia. Growing up on the southside of Richmond wasn’t the ultimate dream for the young Syck but it was an experience. SyckCezzy prides himself as a diverse artist that works with all genres of music. Ten years from now, Syck will focus on different phases and styles that the hip-hop genre has gone through over the last few decades. With a winning strategy in place, SyckCezzy plans to put his people in a position to win along with giving back to his people. His message to the youth is strong- “Please educate yourselves by paying attention, follow your dream, work hard, and don’t accept “NO” as an answer.” The rapper/entrepreneur has a new business venture and it is ‘Syck Wine’ to build generational wealth.

Daniel Peter isn’t new to the music scene. This young, driven American Pop artist was first discovered at the age of 13 when his music went viral. The Ames, Iowa native has been singing since the age of two and is a self-taught musician of four instruments.

Daniel has been passed the torch from his father, who played the guitar for the band “Willy and The Rockets” and was an active singer in their home church. As for his mother, she is the backbone of his support and his number 1 fan. Family values are very important; therefore Daniel devotes himself to staying connected to his hometown. As a young kid, who was repeatedly a victim of bullying, Daniel has vowed and dedicated his music as well as his entire brand to making his fans smile and encouraging living life optimistically. With influences such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, and Kehlani, Daniel Peter brings a touch of greatness to the realm of music. Through the intriguing blends of R & Bass, Pop, and Rhythmic fusion, this young phenomenon is the future sound of music.













[New Music] Li’Kev – “Word Around Town”

As an artist who rides through tough times and comes out the other side a better man, Li’Kev has emerged as not only one of hip-hops most notable rising stars, but also a beacon of inspiration for others. Taken from his third studio album ‘BOLO’, ‘Word Around Town’ is a track packed with 808-heavy grooves and catchy lyricism that tells listeners the story of his fast-paced lifestyle. 

Although the track was released independently as part of the ‘BOLO’ album in April 2021, Li’Kev now finds himself proudly signed to Outlet Entertainment. Produced by Elliot Dugas, the track was one of the standouts of the album and is part of a body of work that showcased the sheer diversity of his talents.

Since the release, Li’Kev has gone on to release his fourth album, ‘Crossroads’ in June, with his impressive mix of hip hop-infused melody and aggression reaching over 100,000 streams on Spotify after its first week of release.

From a form of therapy that he’s used to get himself through tough times, to a beacon of opportunity that now offers the possibility to create change, the music of Louisiana-based hip-hop specialist Li’Kev has a fair few stories to tell. Now proudly signed to Outlet Entertainment, he’s intent on forging a career at the top of the rap game.

Simply attempting to define the eclectic style of Li’Kev in a matter of sentences would be an injustice to the diversity that his talents know. From beats such as ‘Cruising’, which draw similarities to that iconic 90s West-Coast sound, the 808-heavy grooves abundant in tracks such as ‘Word Around Town’, to the more lyrically raw and emotively honest songs such as ‘Moving On, the only way to truly appreciate the array of sounds he has conquered is to experience his discography for yourself.

Citing heavy influence from artists such as Kevin Gates, NBA Youngboy, Rod Wave and Roddy Rich, Li’Kev has carved out his own sound that juxtaposes melody and aggression, an ethos that can be discovered in tracks like ‘Zone’ and ‘Feeling Good’. Regularly touching on the theme of achieving your goals even when the world is against you, his music covers the spectrum of emotion — from happiness to pain, struggle, motivation, triumph, and everything in between.

Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Li’Kev found himself growing up in a rough neighborhood. Although he made the best of a bad situation throughout, his life changed for the better when he moved to Prairieville and turned over a new leaf. While growing up was never plain sailing, adversity inevitably shaped Li’Kev to be the man he is today, as well as heavily inspiring his music and his personal pursuit for greatness.

Although he’s only been making music for four years, Li’Kev has impressively released as many albums. ‘Respect’ (2020), ‘Against The World’ (2021), BOLO (2021), and Crossroads (2021) — the latter two have gone on to truly showcase the undeniable talent and ice-cold flow that has set him apart from the other emerging hip-hop artists of the past few years.  

With his recent ventures in music maturing himself as a human being and his music simultaneously, Li’Kev has his sights set on big things. He hopes to one day start his own imprint, where he can take the brightest stars of the future and pass the knowledge he’s obtained back upon them.



Email: outletentertainment02@gmail.com

Phone: 1 (877) 688-5383

[New Music] Drama G Tha Chief – “Big Rakes Remix” ft. Duke Deuce King Tino & Fatboi Skrap

With Knowledge & experience of the streets behind him the born & raised Chicago, Illinois native Drama G Tha Chief has overcome the odds of growing up in the ills of the poverty stricken inner city life. Moving to Minneapolis, MN as a young adult Drama G Tha Chief has taken these experiences and turned them into musical form that can reach the masses through live performance & entertainment with a hardcore persona and a variety of heavy hitting production Drama G has earned the right to acknowledge his recognition as one of the stand out artist of the Midwest. The ceo is a bigger problem than you think as a community ambassador and giving back to the streets plus being Ceo of the independent label GGE (GOGETTAZ ENT) the movement is reaching great heights. Currently Drama G is working on a whole list of projects including his Mix Tape “Get Money Or Die” also His Solo debut E.P “Money Drugs & Politics” and his hit single Big Rakes and the remix with Memphis artist Duke deuce and single 2 turnt .. also networking with other upcoming Artist(s) and Affliated with the legendary rapalot records Drama G aid definitely that artist that’s making noise through the industry.


DJ Geez, The Club King teams up with Briana Nicole on his new single “Right Now”

DJ Geez, born Glen Simmons has always had a strong love and passion for music. The Music Artist, Producer, DJ started developing his musical skills at an early age while exploring and experimenting with may different instruments through the local church. DJ Geez has helped create some great songs by writing for people and from his diverse knowledge and wisdom in music he gained over time. DJ Geez learned The cello, saxophone, electric guitar, the drums, and most importantly for his career; the piano. These were some of the instruments learned by Dj Geez, which carried over into the phenomenal talent we know him as today. Winning the hearts of family members and neighbors. No matter the occasion or event type, DJ Geez knows how to read the room, and get the crowd going. DJ Geez fans have tagged the star DJ’s events on social media, and they always are having a great time. A DJ Geez event will make you get out of your seat and dance with lots of testimony and proof from his rapidly growing fanbase.


Since hitting the scene in 2010, DJ Geez has amassed a following of fans that are well familiar with the young DJ’s body of work and infectious personality. While maintaining a humble side to himself, DJ Geez has garnered the name “The Club King” in the Philadelphia region due to his notoriety and DJ abilities. Day by day, the DJ Geez brand is growing globally. DJ Geez mixes have been played on Shaquille O’ Neal’s radio station Shaq-Fu radio format since its inception, giving DJ Geez a well-versed international audience. DJ Geez knew, that putting enjoyment into people lives was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life, and he knew that music would be the vessel in which it could be done. Since starting, DJ Geez has come a long way! As he moved around in Philadelphia establishing himself as one of the most talented up-and-coming DJs around, he was able to get books for major events like festivals & concerts. DJ Geez also had DJed for many high-profile clients including the opportunity to DJ state property Peedi Crakk and hall of fame Shaquille O’Neal on Shawfuradio radio station. DJ Geez has also DJed for several popular artists such as YG, French Montana, Chinx, Uncle Murda, Slimm 400, and many more.

2015 proved to be a big year for DJ Geez. DJ Geez DJ’d for popular artists such as YG, French Montana, Chinx, Uncle Murda, Slimm 400. Currently, DJ Geez has worked with artists Peedi and Freeway from State Property and he’s opened shows for major music recording artists such as Meek Mills and Rick Ross. In addition, DJ Geez has performed in Philadelphia’s Independence Day Show in Center City, Philadelphia and he works for Silent Philly traveling from state to state sharing music. DJ Geez has the ability to spin 90’s Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, Electronic, Reggaeton, Contemporary Hip-Hop, Classic Soul, and much more.  This versatile DJ has man hundreds of thousands of people dance throughout his career with his superb DJ abilities, and with fans from New York to Los Angeles and now Colombia, DJ Geez has become a name synonymous with great music. In 2019 DJ Geez became a hip-hop artist with music out on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud & Tidal called “Whine It Up” feat. Briana Nicole, DJ Ant Liva, and “Right Now” featuring Briana Nicole.

There is a lot more to come from This Superstar. DJ Geez is blowing up fast. DJ Geez has the talent and drive to thrive in his industry. Through investing his time to learn and perfect his craft; DJ Geez’s hard work is paying off ass he transitions into Superstar life. Fast forward to now and DJ Geez has worked with many notable organizations and clients.  DJ Geez has been featured on many news and publications such as 50 Cent’s platform This Is 50, Hip Hop Weekly, The Hype Magazine, Gen Z Hip Hop, VoyageLA, The Clout Magazine, All Hip-Hop, Aaron Reflex, ItsBizKit, and several more. The energy that DJ Geez brings is unmatched because he puts his heart and soul into his craft. DJ Geez has a real passion and respect for art and everything that he does. DJ Geez never has given up and right before our eyes he is evolving into the superstar we know him as today. From local church boy to globally known and respected superstar. DJ Geez is a devoted amazing talent. Connect with DJ Geez on social media!











[New Music] Keishh – “Play Wit ‘Em”

New Jersey is no stranger to female thoroughbreds, especially in the world of Hip- Hop. Shikiba Carr, better known by her stage name “Keishh” is no shortcoming of this testament. Born and raised in Jersey City, NJ, Kieshh’s journey began on September 10th, 1995. Like many of her counterparts, Keishh had what she describes as a “good” childhood, although surrounded by the typical trials and tribulations of the inner city streets that is Jersey City.

Being the only child raised in a single-mother home, Shikiba spent most of her time participating in school-related sports and activities. This included cotillions, cheerleading, and football, unlike the majority of her female peers. Although heavily impactful and supportive in her life, and in her music, Kieshh’s father spent most of her childhood incarcerated; forcing Shikiba to develop a toughness and savvy about herself. Raised by a lineage of early childhood educators (her mother and grandmother) Keishh was no stranger to higher education and pursued a nursing career before dropping out of college to pursue music full-time.

Beginning to write raps and do remixes with her friends at the age of 14, Ms. Carr didn’t begin to take music seriously until 3 years later, at the age of 17. The name “Keishh” was given to Shikiba by a former associate who saw parallels between Ms. Carr and “Keisha” from the movie “Belly” featuring the late – legend DMX, and Nas. Liking the name, Keishh decided to customize the moniker and run with it. When asked what pushed her into music in the first place, Ms. Carr makes it clear that it was her father that initially embraced the music vision; having a background in music himself.

A music career is a dream that she and her father began pursuing together upon his release from prison, making it not only her dream, but a vision that they both would share. Shikiba’s world would soon be turned upside down with the unexpected passing of her father, and what seemed to be the end of the dream that they had started together. Although taken back, Keishh decided to not let this end her, instead, she uses this tragedy to fuel her passion and strive even harder toward the goal that she and her late – father had set. “It would’ve been selfish of me to give up after my father passed, I have to keep going.”

With mind, body and spirit set to attack the goal at hand, Keishh transforms from the young aspiring nurse that likes to rap , to “Da Don”, an artist whose voice & presence is felt in a mob-like manner. With a chip on her shoulder to carry out her and her father’s dream , being a mom to her daughter is what pushes Keishh to work relentlessly in the studio; some would even call her a “workaholic”. Keishh began to really make a name for herself in 2018 with the release of her single “Periodt”. This underground banger attracted a great amount of attention from fans, other artists and independent labels within her city. The reception of Kieshh’s art is what made her realize how powerful her music is, and why she had to give her supporters more.

Aside from music, Shikiba is well versed in fashion and is setting to release a string of online boutiques moving forward. Getting it done by any means necessary, it is no surprise that Keishh “Da Don” has a promising future in both Music and Fashion, setting herself apart from any artist of her time.


Torazz and His 4EYMG Labelmate TZIE pair up on his latest Sexy and Provocative Single, “Baby, I Gotta”

Singer and songwriter Torazz is a 4EYMG artist from Prince George’s County, Maryland, and creates a new genre of music that he likes to call R&B/Pop. He sings R&B while the beat behind it is Pop, then merges the two streams into one unique style of music. Torazz is a self-described funny guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. Music has always been his outlet. He makes his music to help people get through their adversity, just as music has helped him get through his.

“Music is my therapy. Music got me here” – Torazz

Growing up as an only child appeared lonely for Torazz. As a teenager, with hormones raging and the feeling that his parents just didn’t understand- music was like a friend and confidante. When he was eleven years old, he began to write poems and put beats behind them. He grew up with music that his dad listened to often. Also, he was inspired at a young age by the music of Trey Songz, whose mixtapes and albums his dad would play. Although Torazz is not a rapper, he loves listening to Drake, whose music style allows him to sing along with rap.


 “Singing and writing music gave me the feeling that I was talking to someone who could relate to what I was going through” – Torazz

Torazz’s experience while attending the annual Fairmount Heights Day celebration was a thrill-filled turning point, and he knew from that moment on that his music would take center stage in his life. His cousin Durell, who is an A&R for 4EYMG, asked him to go up on stage and sing. It was the first time he had ever sung in front of a large audience. Torazz had a couple of jobs before making music his job. He used to be a manager at DollarTree and later worked at Amazon. But the music never feels like a job to Torazz. “Music is just a lifestyle at this point.” He has been in a couple of sessions with other artists to give them input, but his main focus is on his music.  

 “Learn to network, and understand that you don’t know everything” – Torazz

Torazz believes in staying open-minded with wisdom- he takes to heart what he does. His priority is God and having a stronger foundation of people around him who “believe in the moment.” He is confident in his musical artistry and assures everyone that his work with ‘4EYMG’ will be just the beginning of a string of artistic successes. His progression from just a year ago has been phenomenal as he tests his limits and breaks barriers, taking the music seriously above all other distractions. Now that he’s working to find that single to become his city anthem. “Believe me- there is more to come!” Be sure to connect with Torazz on social media and digital music platforms.








What’s in the future for the Midwest Artist YelleSavage


YelleSavage born Donnielle Savage is an entrepreneur, singer, and aspiring model who hails from St. Louis, Missouri. The Webster Groves High School alumni used to be heavy in the customer service and healthcare field and is eager to explore other options. Savage’s boss mindset believes that if someone wants something, you are the person who is going to make that happen for you. 

“Most people think I’m really angelic and just this graceful person but I’m so clumsy and awkward. And I love that about myself. I’m always thinking about how I can get a laugh out of someone just so they can smile. People do not do that enough.”

From a young age, Savage knew that she had the “it” factor and how to use it in the world. YelleSavage plans to capture moments and make a difference in the world with her music. But first, the social media influencer is focusing on building her platforms on Instagram and TikTok for starters without losing sight of her first love- performing. 

“I have been performing since I was very young. I feel most comfortable sharing my gifts because it makes me feel connected with anyone and everyone I can reach”

YelleSavage recognizes everything in her life and is learning how to apply that in her craft. “No matter what form the canvas takes, pain is a very strong feeling, but at the end of the day, there’s always going to be some type of love fighting and persevering for better times. No matter how bad it gets, we all still have love, and that’s what I hope people pick up within my arts,” says YelleSavage. YelleSavage is currently working on her music catalog while expanding her knowledge of marketing and business. Be sure to connect with YelleSavage on her social media to remain in tune. 







[Album] Imastarr (@ImaSTARRduh) – “Starrs On The Ceiling”

Jackson, Mississippi artist Imastarr releases his new album entitled “Starrs On The Ceiling”, out now on all streaming services. “Starrs On The Ceiling” is a ten track project that feature records such as “So Dumb”, “No More Parties” freestyle and “Stroking”. Imastarr shows off his versatility with this project. Be on the lookout for some motion pictures off this dope album.

[Video] DJ Dap (@DJDap) F/ Kent Jones (@KentJonesWTB) – “Magic”

DJ Dap born in Panama City by way of Tallahassee started out doing music back at home in Panama City where he became interested in music and learned how to deejay and started doing music performing in a local rap group called N Moshun (In Motion) where he traveled and performed while in high school. Once arriving to Tallahassee for college to join FAMU’s Marching 100, he got into radio heavily on the college station WAMF shortly after he stopped marching and did some music with the late Total Kaos which is apart of a made for TV movie called “Sharing The Secret” and a track on a Bass Compilation called “Mo Betta Bass” with local record label Mega Ace Records. Now he returns to music with help from Tallahassee native Kent Jones by way of Miami to do music again and put out a new album titled “From Panama City To Tallahassee.” The first new single is an up-tempo grown folks record called “Magic.” The follow up to Kent Jones’ smash hit top #4 single “No Plans For Love” with DJ D Nice and Neyo. “Magic” is the next grown folks hit that can take you from the club to the skating rink. The video is shot in Tallahassee, FL around Florida A&M University and several locations in the city. It’s directed by Miami director AJ The Visionary.

[New Event] Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion and Son King “Krefiii” Forchion Take the Joint of Miami Higher

Miami, Florida – Heir to the Kush throne, King “Krefiii” Forchion, son of cult cannabis figure, Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion, continues to take his new venue, The Joint of Miami, even higher. The upcoming calendar at the marijuana friendly art and music lounge includes celebrity performances by Yohan Marley (grandson of Bob Marley), hip hop legends Raekwon & Ghostface, Keith Murray and rap diva Rah Digga.   
Miami, Florida – Heir to the Kush throne, King “Krefiii” Fochion, son of cult cannabis figure, Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion, continues to take his new venue, The Joint of Miami, even higher. The upcoming calendar at the marijuana friendly art and music lounge includes celebrity performances by Yohan Marley (grandson of Bob Marley), hip hop legends Raekwon & Ghostface, Keith Murray and rap diva Rah Digga.   The ‘budding’ 23-year-old is blazing a new legacy for himself as he continues to infuse Miami’s nightlife scene with art, music and weed themed entertainment. The Joint of Miami, located at 2010 NW Miami CT., is lighting it up in the city’s trendy Wynwood Art District. Events are live streamed on Instagram at @getonvolume. Check out the calendar of events below. 
10/17/21 – Yoga and Puff 1-3pm, Painting Class 3-6pm, Arts and Craft Market 1-6pm, The Imperials 6-11pm Friday 10/22/21 – Cynn Sage 9-10pm, Fabi 10:30-11:30pm, Yohan Marley 12-1am, DJ Shorty 1-3am Saturday 10/23/21 – DJ Alamo 7-10pm, Raekwon & Ghostface live from The Joint 10-3am Saturday 11/27/21- DJ Epps -Rah Digga & Keith Murray, 10-3am Nov 30-Dec 4- Hosting The Miami Art Championships
For tickets: Yohan Marley – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-joint-of-miami-presents-yohan-marl… Raekwon and Ghostface – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/raekwon-ghostface-at-the-joint-miami-t…
For more information about The Joint of Miami, get lit at https://thejointofmiami.com/ Take a puff with NJWeedman and read all about his continued ‘budding’ adventures at https://linktr.ee/NJWeedman. Take a tote with King “Krefiii” Forchion at @kingatthejoint on Instagram.


Los Angeles-Based Hip-Hop Artist NatStar delivers “The Code”

NatStar is music personified. A musician, producer, songwriter, and performer packaged into one artist. Describing his sound as a mix of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul, he is a triple threat; as he sings, raps, and produces for a diverse mix of genres. Natstar brings his life experiences, thoughts, emotions, and feelings into every song he creates. He paints something new on his musical canvas every time. Making it personal yet still, something fans can relate to. Just a couple of months ago, NatStar gave us the single “BBL” which accumulated over 247,000 streams on Spotify, and it continues to rise daily.


Having worked with the likes of Ski Beatz, Brandy, Camp Lo, Loon, Polish Pop Singer Gosia Andrzejewicz, and more, NatStar’s musical resume continues to grow. Expanding beyond the US, NatStar has gained fans overseas in Singapore after a 6-month tour, Poland, Switzerland, and Senegal, Africa after headlining the Dakar Hip-Hop Festival.

NatStar has amassed over 3,000,000+ streams on Spotify, matched by the 2,000,000+ views he has accumulated on his youtube channel and it’s continuing to grow daily. Be sure to connect with NatStar on social media and digital media platforms.









[New Music] International Kool – “Chikken Run” (Produced by DJ Draulikz)

International Kool delivers raw and gritty flow from production by DJ Draulikz. “Chikken Run” delivers witty word play and clever punchlines from Kool as he effortlessly drops bars over the track. The pianos and drums deliver that Detroit sound which allows Kool’s flow to punch hard. This is the first single from the upcoming mixtape “Lions & Tigers Den”

Connect: Instagram: @Internationalkool @djdraulikz

[New Music] Pablo Sanchez – “Covid-21”

Covid 21 was made by Pablo Sanchez and produced by playwithkey Pablo and keys have worked together and has plenty of hits keys made the beat in 25 minutes and Pablo recorded the song in less than 20 minutes and it’s one of the hottest song on the planet right now!!

Darious Wiggins known professionally as Pablo Sanchez was born to Joyce Collins and Eric Wiggins on June 19, 1994. Born and raised in Columbus, OH, Pablo has always had big dreams of making a rap career for himself.  Growing up, he watched his father rap, so he knew at a young age music was in his blood. Pablo was not always known as Pablo Sanchez. In fact, people who know Pablo personally, know him as Debo. The childhood nickname was given to Pablo by his older cousin Ben, due to Pablo’s fixation with the movie “Friday”. Pablo was also known for his tough demeanor, so the nickname Debo just stuck. The rap name “Pablo Sanchez” originated from a run in with the cops, where he discovered his identify had been stolen by a Mexican man, whose real name was Pablo. During this interaction, Debo was threatened that he was going to be deported, only for the cops to realize it was a mistake. At this time, Debo’s love for music began to resurface, so the rap name Pablo Sanchez seemed fitting.

Growing up on the southside of Columbus, Pablo loved to play football. In fact, football always seemed to be Pablo’s golden ticket out the hood. However, everything took a back seat when his life was tossed upside down, with the loss of his mother at the young age of 10. Pablo and his three sisters were bounced around, forcing them to grow up fast and heavy in the streets. It wasn’t until his Aunt Ann and Grandmother took both him and his younger sister in, giving them stability.

Pablo began rapping again in the 7th grade with his childhood friends, DeLano and B in his aunt’s garage. DeLano was the person who saw the talent in Pablo and encouraged him to rap at a young age and B purchased the first laptop for the studio. Pablo began to take his rap career serious when grandmother and high school sweetheart purchased his first microphone, and studio equipment in 2011. After graduating high school, Pablo took a few wrong turns from selling drugs, to robbing people, to being kicked out of college to going to jail. He knew he had to make a change and start moving different. He started working consistently, making money and putting in work with his music. He dropped his first mixtape, Eat or Starve in the summer of 2012 and by fall of the same year he releases Eat of Starve 2 in November.

Pablo returned to music in 2016, with the drop of his mixtape “Pablo the Perfector”. Since his return, Pablo has dropped multiple videos including “Nevermind Me”, “Darious”, “Kartelz $hit”, and most recently “Settle”. Pablo Sanchez has multiple hits currently brewing, and big plans for the release of his next mixtape “The Kure” with his highlighted feature “Covid 21”. Pablo Sanchez’s flow, delivery and versatility will take him far in this industry. He creates music that uplifts people and motivates others who came from the same struggle. To music for the streets, down to the sexy music for the ladies, to bop music that makes you want to dance. Keep a look out for this upcoming artist!


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[Video] Laniyah West (@LaniyahWestt) – “Lemon Pepper” Freestyle

There is a new body of work that just dropped and it needs to be heard. Laniyah West recently released “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” official music video and it’s a whole vibe! Her passion for music began at 8 years old & officially started making music at age 15 years old. She won 1st place in a rapping contest at age 16, for BDL4Life Magazine. She dropped her first EP at age 18 years old titled 8/28 and she has opened up for Rod Wave. Her inspirations are Sade, Tupac, Nas, J Dilla, and Nicki Minaj. She has upcoming music, music videos, events, and EP project dropping in November 2021. The project will be full of clever concepts, creative delivery and beats that are slapping. Her EP will tell a vivid story from start to finish. We look forward to watching Laniyah West blow up out the south and grow among the fans. Go listen, and watch Laniyah West, the next artist to blow out the south.

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