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[New Music] Monduhgoat – “Weekend in Miami”

Listen to Weekend in Miami the latest single from Monduhgoat. Check out more music from Monduhgoat on all music platforms (Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes etc). Powered by Weems Street Entertainment.


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[New Music] Kobe6’4 – “Mad Hatter”

Rising Chicago artist Kobe6’4 just dropped a hot new single titled “Mad Hatter”, inspired by the mobster, Albert Anastasia. He also dropped an album called “Gone but Never Forgotten” (G.B.N.F), dedicated to the loved ones he’s lost. Check it out below and follow Kobe6’4 on social media for his latest releases.


[New Music] Flipstyle – “Metadata”

Flipstyle, featured by Trillest Entertainment in The Spotlight: New Releases You Need to Hear This Year and as one of the 21 Hottest Artists of 2021, kicks off 2022 with his new release – Metadata – which marks the 5th album from Flipstyle. The new album features the innovative singles: Modern Entertainment (Pt. 1), iZoom, We Gone (Make it) & Lemme Get Dat.   The unique style and technique of Flipstyle also includes a multitude of entertainment versatility including tracks such as What it Do, 7:17, & Royale Clash.  You can expect more quality music and videos from Flipstyle – including another new album, Quantum, dropping 2/15/22. Flipstyle is Now Streaming on ALL MUSIC PLATFORMS!  Get all the links, news and more exclusive content at Follow @flipstylemusic on IGTikTokTwitterReddit and Snapchat


[New Music] ReyTheGreat – “I Waited For This”

ReyTheGreat is a rising Miami, Florida based artist who just released a hot new mixtape titled “I Waited For This”. He is a very unique artist with many different styles. ReyTheGreat loves fashion and uses music to escape and talk about his problems and life. Check out “I Waited For This” now!


[Music] KiddxSurge (@KiddxSurge) – “Knock Knock”

Hailing from Chicago Illinois, upcoming songwriter Kiari Barnes who goes by the stage name KiddxSurge a.k.aThe Surgeon releases his new single “Knock Knock” on all streaming platforms. Surge recalls creating the record Knock Knock while sitting in the house one day thinking. “What if the police run in right now? What are you gon’ do?” he says in his own words. This thought inspired him to look through beats until he found a grungy one. The song is also inspired and sponsored by Scuba Squad Extracts who currently has the best thc diamonds on the West Coast. Surge says he was aiming to release a single that would be an anthem for all the hustlers and corner boys across the world. Starting from the early days of just rapping and being bored in the house, hanging out on the corner smoking while listening to instrumentals would start something much more.

After getting positive feedback from friends and people in the neighborhood encouraged Barnes to pursue taking music a-lot more seriously. KiddxSurge inspirations are J.Cole, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Juice WRLD, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti and more. He’s opened up for artists like Lil Webbie, Trizzy Track and has performed at many festivals showcasing his talent as well as throwing his own 4/20 event every year. Barnes started making noise after the breakout release of his single “Stay Back” and another called “Reloaded” both of which he has shot video’s for. Surge says his plans for 2022 is to not become the biggest artist in SoCal but in the world, even though KiddxSurge is from Chicago he is currently living in San Diego, California. He plans on creating a-lot more visuals and networking with a lot more artists in the music industry this year and networking with all additional fans throughout the year. Stream “Knock Knock” by KiddxSurge on all platforms if you haven’t heard it yet.

[New Music] Chvrles Vnthony – “It’s Better This Way”

There are many ways to describe Chvrles Vnthony: unique, talented and charismatic. Above all, Chvrles Vnthony is the real deal. Using his strengths to combine art, story and song in perfect unison, the versatility and confidence is what built character. Chvrles Vnthony has been on a pursuit in defiantly achieving greatness over nonsense through consistent growth.

2022 is getting kicked off in a major way with the DC-bred emcee’s new single entitled “It’s Better Way”. The track stems from the EP, “Maybe It’s Better This Way” available on Soundcloud. “It’s Better Way” is a crash course in being yourself unapologetically and at high volume. “It’s Better This Way” is produced by DJ Pain 1 and releases Jan. 11.


[Music] Shari – “HARK”

(Sha-ree) quest for worshiping God began at a young age; because, even
before she knew what worship was, the spirit had her heart. As a young
girl who enjoyed devotional time at church in Baltimore, Maryland,
Shari found not only curiosity, but a hunger for a closeness with God.
Shari found freedom in the high place of worship that would soon
become familiar. It would, and has, become home. Shari served as a
Worship Leader under the ministry of Bishop Noel Jones at the City of
Refuge Church in Gardena, California, Resurrection Church, under the
ministry of Pastor Joseph Robinson, and All Nations Worship Assembly,
under the ministry of Apostle Sherman and Dr. Jaquet Dumas. Shari has
opened for many conferences, performed at concerts with many Gospel
Recording artists, and has been blessed to be the featured artist on
several recordings, such as Glory to the Highest by Bishop Noel Jones
& the City of Refuge Sanctuary Choir, Send the Rain by Kingdom Culture
Music, Secret Place by FM2 & Intentional, Jesus I Love You by Brent
Jones and recently featured on Seek Your Face with the 4thson project,
Volume 1. In addition to her music career, Shari is also the
CEO/Founder of Wonderfully Made Academy for Young Women. Shari is a
must-see, must- hear, and must-listen-to angel of the Lord. Shari has
released her solo spiritual holiday hit, HARK. Shari is a soulful, pop
inspirational artist. Hark is the first single release from the
Christmas with Shari EP. Listen now, and Happy Holidays.

[New Music] Bg5ive – “Cocaine & Whiskey”

“Cocaine & Whiskey” features production from a wide range of producers, from all over the globe, and sees Bg5ive flow confidently over a varied range of beats, from more traditional hip hop, to modern melodic trap style sounds. Bg5ive promises listeners will find something to enjoy in this collection of tracks, and that you wont be disappointed. Be sure to follow Bg5ive for all his new and upcoming releases.

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[New Music] Nymrod – “Educated Thug Music Vol. 1; The Year Of The Narcissist”

Corry Paris Stokes — better known as Nymrod — recently released his long-awaited album, “Educated Thug Music Vol. 1; The Year of The Narcissist.”  The veteran rapper and songwriter shows off his musical form of vocal delivery that incorporates “rhyme, rhythmic speech and street vernacular in this 12-track album. Featuring musicians like Haddy Racks, Royal Flush and Manifest — just to name a few — it’s no surprise the album has so many long awaited hits.

Nymrod has made quite the name for himself over the years, after being released from prison where he meet and mentored under Max B. Shortly after his release Nymrod connected with Dipset members Jim Jones and Cam’ron where he would be featured in Jim Jones “Ballin” music video. During his career he has collaborated with Redman, The Weekend, Melo, The Heatmakerz, H.E.R., PMD of EPMD, Spliff Star, Junior Reid, Tyga  and VADO. NYMROD has graced some of the countries biggest stages performing at the legendary NYC venue SOB’s countless times alongside Fred the Godson, Rah Digga, The Lox, Onyx and even headlined at 2018’s Hot 97’s Summer Jam, DJ Drewski’s Long Island Artist Showcase as well as Columbus Ohio’s The Rock Festival with iconic rock band Evanessence. A good portion of Nymrod’s fan base and supporters comes from his performances. Nymrod has performed at venues up and down the east coast, some of the west coast and has even toured in Tokyo. He takes pride in the ability to work a crowd and command the stage. When Nymrod is on stage you cannot help but to take notice. He decided to have his Album release party for “Educated Thug Music Vol. 1; The Year Of The Narcissist” in Miami, Florida during the “Drive Your Dreams Car show” with DJ Envy. This is probably what contributed to “Educated Thug Music Vol. 1; The year of the Narcissist” day one debut of over 45k streams, which for an underground independent artist is like going Gold.

Nymrod has since released several multiple chart-topping singles like “LIFESTYLES” “THE KING AND I” and “TIME,” — the latter featuring rappers Haddy Racks and Royal Flush. This album has promised not to let his haters down; he has given every one of them more and more reason to hate even harder.

Opening with the title track, “DON’T F*CK WITH ME” tells the story of how many rappers aren’t who their bars suggest them to be and unrequited feelings. There’s organized upbeat chaos to the song, matching the lyrical and visual context of the song. The track ends with a very strong message to all those that feel they can F*ck with him. 

“KING AND I” breaks down the fake interactions Nymrod has experienced since his starting of his record label “Federal District Records” and his career blowing up. Whether fake friends, artist contracts he’s had to cancel, or cancelling women whom couldn’t comprehend they wouldn’t be more than a one night stand. He let’s every one know he doesn’t need them and not to push his buttons rapping, “Ni**as wanna talk sh*t, talk sh*t, till the eagle in they mouth, in they mouth / Then they wanna talk it, talk it and try to work it out / Don’t push my buttons.”

Featuring rappers and songwriters Haddy Racks and Royal Flush “TIME” has a catchy hook and all three artists go back to back with sick verses that make you nod your head from the beat drop. Nymrod knows his worth with this song as he raps, “ I’d advice yall to breath easy / Ni**as know Nym, I don’t breath easy / if there’s a problem young man step to the D and see me / What yall Ni**as thought I was born greasy, I’ll take your cash money dog and leave ya a**es weezy,” Did we mention the bar game in this album.

In the music video, Nymrod, Haddy Racks and Royal Flush take turns clearly letting the streets know they are not to be tested. Loyalty is more than a tattoo to some. You just have to find a team worthy of you putting it all on the line.

Nymrod shows off his lyrical ability and range in genre with “SEASONS” featuring Enjo, which sounds more Pop-Hip Hop compared to the other tracks on “Educated Thug Music Vol. 1.” It also shows off his range and ability, to please the ladies in his calmer verses. You can hear the emotion in his voice in this track when he raps, “ Could you tell me where we went wrong, it’s like I’m caught up in this love song / I can’t concentrate or breath with my heart gone, you was my female doctor Hawthorne, now I gotta stretch it out, Armstrong / I understand your pain, I understand your gripes, man F*uck that nigga just come spend the night.”

Sticking with the hip-hop genre “MR NOBODY” is a slow hip-hop ballad about being stuck in a place where Nymrod talks about the rumors he’s heard about himself throughout his career. He can’t understand how the people he fed could call him bro, lover and friend one minute but then squint their eyes, curse him and call him a nobody with the same mouth that once whispered I Love You’s. Grammy award winner, Newo The Kid, showcases these conflicting emotions with an intense production.   

Closing out the album “THE EDUCATION,” a track consisting mainly of base guitars, heavy drums and some strings along with other complimenting sounds. Nymrod reflects on how his experiences in the music industry and life have shaped him — both positively and negatively. He opens the song, “It’s like duck, duck, goose, hut one, hut two, this ain’t romper room when I’m aiming at your roof, this is what God looks like when God looks right / I’m just giving you the future in hindsight….” He is giving a clear lesson and class is in session.

The tracks I’ve highlighted show off the range of the album, but you have to listen to the entire album. I did straight through, no skips. I am looking forward to Education Thug Music Vol. 2; The Education. Nymrod has a bright future ahead in his music career.

Listen to ‘Educated Thug Music Vol.1; The Year Of The Narcissist” on Spotify here:…

Educated Thug Music Vol. 1; The Year of The Narcissist Track List

  1. Don’t F*ck With Me
  2. What’s Up (Ft. King Price, Jemm Starr)
  3. The King And I
  4. Gun Talk
  5. Lifestyles
  6. Real Love (Ft. Joelisa)
  7. Make It (Ft. Manifest, Joelisa)
  8. Nobody
  9. Season’s (Ft. Enjo)
  10. We On 1 (Ft. Joelisa)
  11. Time (Ft. Haddy Racks, Royal Flush)
  12. The Education

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[New Music] Kodoku to Release New Hit Single “Toxins”

Eric Yang always knew he would be prolific while growing up in a small town in North Carolina. Learning various instruments such as guitar, piano, and drums growing up, Eric knew music was his passion. Shortly after, Kodoku was born. Having big dreams in a small town may be more ambitious than most, and Kodoku suffered consequences. He was an outcast during his high school years, but that only added fuel to the flame. When the time came to choose what to do after high school, Kodoku faced going to the military or college.

Instead, he decided to double down on his passion. In 2021, less than a month after graduating high school, Kodoku saw great promise when his song “Hennessy” gained attention on TikTok. Since then, it has received nearly 3 million views on TikTok and almost two million streams on Spotify. Kodoku proved to his skeptics that this wouldn’t be the only time, coming back with another TikTok sensation immediately after for his song “Rose Bath.” It has since received over 2 million views on TikTok and 2 million streams on Spotify.

Now Kodoku returns with “Toxins,” which has already achieved over 3 Million views on TikTok, proving to the artist that he is here to stay. Inspired by artists like Post Malone, Justin Bieber, and Sam Smith, Kodoku aspires to bring a versatile yet infectious sound. Without a doubt, 2022 is looking to be a momentous year for Kodoku.

Toxins is set to drop December 15th and is produced by his close friend Nick Nash alongside Theevoni.


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TrippCityRoyal delivers latest single “Bag Up” from “The Gorilla Zoo II -Broken Zoo” album

TrippCityRoyal, also known as Boss Money is a Boston Massachusetts artist. TrippCityRoyal worked his way on the music scene after years of grinding then collaborating with former and current Dipset affiliates; 40 Cal. A-Mafia, Hell Rell, JR Writer, and Sen City. TrippCityRoyal grew up between Boston Mass and Buffalo New York listening to 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G. Big Pun, Dipset, Harlem’s greatest Cam’ron, Jay-Z, Nas, Diddy, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, and Wu-Tang Clan. It’s been said that TrippCity has a versatile way of displaying his unique creative ability to make good music from Hip-Hop grime tracks to radio-friendly songs for music listeners to enjoy. 


At the age of eleven, Tripp City began making music and learned to appreciate music while living and spending time with his father. He explained music changed and saved his life after getting wrapped up in the streets and experiencing numerous life-death situations as a teen.

After almost being killed by a close friend and being shot at in front of his grandmother’s house, Tripp City finally traded in a life of hustling to survive to have nice things. Instead, he chose a full-time life of hustling beats, making music, giving back to his community by mentoring troubled teens, and caring for disabled individuals. Since then, TrippCityRoyal has completed over 100 songs, 5 albums, and 15 mixtapes – all of which you can find online by searching TrippCityRoyal via Google. 

Tripp City Royal hopes to one day write successful music for other indie and major artists which inspired him to write “The Crown Vol.2 Blood Sweat & Tears, and The Crown Vol.3-The Wave.” The two albums showcase how well Tripp can crossover into a more radio-friendly vibe with his music. Tripp City recently released a various artist Hip-Hop album named “Word To The 5” featuring five well-known artists in the music industry. 

Currently, TrippCityRoyal is working on his newest revised project “Gorilla Zoo II – Broken Zoo” from 2018. The “Boss Money” project predicts to be one of 2022s best albums that includes the newly-released singles “Bag Up and 2 Lit.”

TrippCityRoyal has managed to get the party started and the room shaking with these two lyrical beat banging songs on top of his grime Boss Money style. TrippCityRoyal plans on delivering much more creative music to the industry and radio. He is excited for all fans to hear what’s in store for the future. 

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[Music] Thurgo (@thurgohmmg) – “Bubbly Freestyle”

“Bubbly’ packs lyrical heat with an ice-cold delivery. This is independent hip-hop done right.

Detroit artist Thurgo has maintained his reputation as an independent artist who has managed to turn heads without the aid of labels or other intermediaries. Once again stepping up to the plate, he’s now returned with his very first high-octane freestyle. He lays down some serious heat over Young Thug’s (ft Drake and Travis Scott) ‘Bubbly’, serving as a reminder of exactly why the Detroit-based rapper has racked up hundreds of thousands of streams across the course of the year.

This is his first release since his self-titled “Thurgo” EP back in June 2021. Featuring Thurgo’s straight-talking, braggadocious lyricism and ice-cold flow, he once again cements his reputation as one of the rising stars of hip-hop to watch in 2021 and beyond.

“This track represents the calm before the storm for me as 2022 is right around the corner and I really feel my career is about to blast like bubbly!” – Thurgo

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[New Music] Newby – “Bishonen; Monkey Business”

Newby is a Canadian Artist Born and Raised in Toronto, Ontario. His love for music started at a young age as his main influences were from the 80’s and 90’s. Newby is quick when it comes to his word plays and innuendoes, and doesn’t miss when it comes to the visuals. His recent EP ‘Bishonen; Monkey Business’ was just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the Quirky and Unpredictable Rapper. His Last Music Video for ‘The Boy’ has raked in over 25,000 views in just one month, showcasing another side to him that viewers don’t normally see. Be sure to follow up with his latest work on on

[New Music] Trevah – “Maintain”

Rising artist Trevah just dropped a hot new single titled “Maintain”. Trevah’s sound is a perfect representation of the new age Canadian hip hop sound. His flow and melodic hooks are very catchy while his lyrics speak for his roots from his past. To continue, the Ottawa native has been racking up attention from the music industry in the past 6 months.

Produced by Jd Krazy , Trevah touch’s on the common theme in hip hop doing what it takes to obtain status , power and material success. It’s something millions of people around the world can relate to, and something Trevah witnessed in his community starting at a young age.

“If you listen to the lyrics, it touches on me and my friends going through the struggle and finding a way out through hard work” Trevah explains.


“Maintaining a strong attitude and the proper work ethic you can achieve things you wouldn’t have imagined possible .”

Like most of Trevah’s singles to date, “Maintain”

“It’s more of a up beat song, but nothing too crazy or out of our range. Melodic and strong conviction in each verse” “Mostly, we were just trying to keep it real .”

Along with the his latest singles Trevah is currently preparing for the release of his project which is expected to drop next year.

“Maintain” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify and various other digital streaming platforms.



East Coast Super Producer TZIE releases debut EP “TFrost”

Washington, DC native TZIE born as Mark Evans Robinson Jr. wears many hats; Father, Husband, Super Producer, Singer, and Songwriter. The creative extraordinaire is signed with 4EYMG, which enables him to produce for an entire range of artists on the roster. The Suitland, MD Producer grew up in a blue-collar household where playing music wasn’t considered a career. Both parents worked for the DC Metropolitan Police Department with more than 25 years in service. As early as 2-years-old, TZIE knew that music chose him. He received a drum set for Christmas then the gift was born. “I became obsessed, taught myself. Once I felt I was great enough to start going out into the world with my gift, I grew a hunger for all the other instruments, then production, then audio production. Soon enough, I fell in love with everything music. Period,” says TZIE. If you have listened to Jade Alexis’ “Toxic” or Torazz” – “Baby I Gotta”, you would know that TZIE’s multi-talented abilities separate him from the rest. His creative sound is guaranteed to put him on top and keep him there.


“I have no limits to my artistry now. I can go whenever and however I please and have the confidence that it will sound as good as I want it to.” – TZIE

Most people recognize Kanye as a rapper, but TZIE recognizes the true artistry in Kanye —the Producer— which fuels the drive and pumps the inspiration of his music production mindset. “Kanye taught me the keys to success through our similar stories growing up. He taught me consistency, how to create outside of my comfort zone, work ethic, and most of all, how to inspire myself daily. I inspire myself now every day because of how Kanye molded my mindset to be,” he says. TZIE has aspirations of working with Ye, Travis Scott, Baby Keem, Snoop Dogg, Doja Cat, Tyler the Creator – to name a few. He has been steadily building his production arsenal with over 2,000 finished tracks and is ready to show the world- he is worthy of being highly recognized as the most slept-on Producer.

Truthfully, TZIE is bringing a fresh new style of Hip-Hop to the industry. This impressive young up-and-coming Producer has completed his new EP “TFrost” which features a few of his labelmates like CharleeLynai and Lil Leek. The 7-track storyline is about TZIE’s alter ego, who is a bad villain but not by choice. The EP depicts events that took place in his life that caused him to be a cold-hearted individual that plays no games. In “TFROST”, TZIE will unapologetically take you on a journey. You will learn who he is, his mindset, his everyday life, and his thought patterns. “TFrost” is available on all digital music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. Be sure to connect with TZIE on social media and all digital music platforms.










SyckCezzy teams up with FLM Label Mate Daniel Peter on Follow up single “Downfall”

Final Level Music Artists SyckCezzy and Daniel Peter are back with a new joint entitled “Downfall.” It’s a creative project that showcases Syckcezzy’s gritty poetic style and Daniel Peter’s silky vocals. The duo skillfully explains how a precipitous decline in status or wealth can happen when a hater speaks against you. The track was executively produced by two well-renowned veterans in the game-Ice-T and Hen Gee Garcia. 


SyckCezzy was born in Missouri and raised in Richmond Virginia. Growing up on the southside of Richmond wasn’t the ultimate dream for the young Syck but it was an experience. SyckCezzy prides himself as a diverse artist that works with all genres of music. Ten years from now, Syck will focus on different phases and styles that the hip-hop genre has gone through over the last few decades. With a winning strategy in place, SyckCezzy plans to put his people in a position to win along with giving back to his people. His message to the youth is strong- “Please educate yourselves by paying attention, follow your dream, work hard, and don’t accept “NO” as an answer.” The rapper/entrepreneur has a new business venture and it is ‘Syck Wine’ to build generational wealth.

Daniel Peter isn’t new to the music scene. This young, driven American Pop artist was first discovered at the age of 13 when his music went viral. The Ames, Iowa native has been singing since the age of two and is a self-taught musician of four instruments.

Daniel has been passed the torch from his father, who played the guitar for the band “Willy and The Rockets” and was an active singer in their home church. As for his mother, she is the backbone of his support and his number 1 fan. Family values are very important; therefore Daniel devotes himself to staying connected to his hometown. As a young kid, who was repeatedly a victim of bullying, Daniel has vowed and dedicated his music as well as his entire brand to making his fans smile and encouraging living life optimistically. With influences such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, and Kehlani, Daniel Peter brings a touch of greatness to the realm of music. Through the intriguing blends of R & Bass, Pop, and Rhythmic fusion, this young phenomenon is the future sound of music.