J.Walker of TLD delivers a message on his latest single, “The Light”

Junior Walker, known as J.Walker of TLD, is a UK-based Christian rapper, songwriter, and producer. He is a solo artist and the foremost member of “The Lion’s Den”- the record label. At the age of 5, he had a troubled beginning in life leading to being in police custody. Growing up without a father around and in a household where drugs were being sold, he became a selective mute and increasingly withdrawn. 

J.Walker of TLD’s experiences of struggle would go on to shape his musical influences as he clung to artists like 2Pac and Bob Marley for a sense of understanding of the world and how to navigate it. This was further nurtured after he met his father, a Reggae artist, DJ, and producer known as JUNIA Walker at the age of 9. He was able to get a unique insight into the music business and exposure to a large array of music. Being around artists such as Frankie Paul, Damian, and Stephen Marley made reaching the pinnacle of music success feel a lot more attainable. 

J.Walker started rapping in college and released multiple singles and an album while still in college. The album was well received and released under the Jusic International record label. After winning numerous talent shows, a university music tour would then follow. The rapper performed on sets with Ed Sheeran but was taking his Christian faith increasingly seriously. 


J.Walker of TLD This led to the artist changing the message of his music as it became increasingly informed by his faith. In 2011, he signed with the Gospel music label, Rock Steady Movement. This is where he was able to grow and develop as a Christian artist. Soon after, he would start his label, “The Lion’s Den.” The label allowed him to develop as a producer, working with multiple artists, and shaping different sounds around the Christian message. 

His work got the attention of Christian rap blog Rapzilla and he would later also feature on the “A STEP FWD” Christian Chart. 

He released a series of singles and videos while working alongside artists in the Christian music scene such as MC Tempo. The connection led to an appearance on the BBC1 show “Sunday Morning Live.” It proved to be a great moment for J.Walker and the Christian Hip-Hop scene as a whole.

Click and listen to the new single “The Light.” Be sure to follow J. Walker on all digital and social media platforms.















[NEW MUSIC] KORSAH – “FREE ME” | @realkorsah

Ghanaian rapper Korsah delivers his new single ” Free Me”

In this difficult situation that we are all in, we are constantly looking for something that would distract us from our everyday life and bring us to a whole new reality, and sometimes music is the only thing that takes our mind off everything else. Thanks to his big passion for creating unique music and putting a little piece of himself in it, Kwame Korsah’s songs had made him stood out from the crowd and make a way in the music world of Western Africa.


Korsah’s music is inspired by his everyday life. Born in Kumasi Ghana and raised from a strong and dedicated single mom of three, giving up wasn`t an option for him. In 2016, he release his first song ‘Snapchat’, and had immediate success. Since then he had been shaking up the ground and breaking up boundaries with his talent and pure, original, and artistry expressiveness through his music. Evidence of this is his followers on social media and thousands of views on YouTube and Spotify which are enjoying his music.

The reviews about his music are that it is very different from other music artists in Ghanda. Its mixed with R&B, Afro Hip-Hop, and Afro Trap. His last song "Hater’" exudes its sonic identity-its cohesiveness gives it an added energetic and dynamic perception. Even though the music album is on its way, we shouldn't listen to it. Just be convinced that it will be a complete hit because from Korsah’s first song, it can be concluded that his soul and identity are completely imprinted in those sounds and rhythms complementing it with his unique and truly pure style, which today, in the music industry, it`s something that can be very rarely found and heard.

If you have someone like Kwame Korsah who prioritizes music, then you have the perfect formula for success. We have an artist who is chasing the passion and unselfishly shares it with all of us – his name is Kwame Korsah. Be sure to connect on all social media and digital music platforms.












International Duo, UNGS release their new single, “Wonderful Time”


The very talented Russian rock duo, UNGS put together their single “WONDERFUL TIME.” A piece of music that is capable of soundtracking life’s most powerful moments. The DUO is not a stranger to creating new and refreshing sounds for music lovers. The curve of Rock and Pop categories is constricted to any standardized rules of composition where artists can express their wisdom and insights through the lyrical excellence of their skills. The UNGS are currently making waves across the scene with his ethereal take on musical senses, arrangements, lyrical deconstruction, and the very essence of creative stance in rock.

Their hit track released on Spotify and other platforms “Wonderful Time” is a reflection of showcasing what they’ve got to the world of music. 2020 saw the release of their biggest single yet, ‘Wonderful Time,’ which showed the pair coming into their own with an inimitable mixture of experimental artistry and pop appeal. With new music scheduled for release this year and beyond, this ambitious, innovative group is set to break out of their local scene and win a place in the hearts of listeners in every corner of the world.

As the duo (UNGS) expands their soundscape and gradually emerging as a promising artist making a mark in the rock and pop circuit, the creative accomplishments are sure to reach every corner of the world. Follow UNGS on all social platforms to interact and listen to the lovely work.



[NEW MUSIC] Topo La Máskara – “Original”|

International Artist, Topo la Máskara releases his latest EP “Original”

Juan José Brito Castillo, known as Topo la Máskara, born January 5, 1987, in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic, is an urban singer and music producer, famed for worldwide hits such as “Verdinha” Ludmilla, “Estoy Aqui” MC Fioti, “Scooby-Doo Papa” Dj Kass/PitBull. “, among others.

Topo La Máskara began in the music environment at 14 years of age. He performed at parties as “Dj Live” covering his face with a mask from which his stage name emerges.

From 2012, his artistic career takes a new turn, producing the song that would be the musical hit of the year in his native country, entitled “Quue Mujer Tan Chula”, by the performer Vákero. Since then, he continued to collaborate and produce for countless artists of the urban genre, including Ludmilla, Dalex, Stefflon Don, Mc Fioti, Mr.Vegas, Edward Maya, Nyla, Walshy Fire, Yolanda Be Cool, Neutro, Archangel, Mozart La Para, Nicky Jam, Farruko, Nejo and Dálmata, Dj Luian, Amara la Negra, Dj Kass/PitBull among others.

In 2018, he signed with the company HVB Music Group and together with his manager, Helder Vilas Boas, launched the first Dominican label. Topo la Máskara is today one of the most versatile and prestigious urban music producers around the world.






International artist, Ignoramuss releases his album “State of Flow”


International artist, Ignoramuss is a solo emcee/producer from Birmingham, the U.K. His style is born out of feeling encapsulated in a society of people settling for the simple. At the age of five, he has been a musician and a writer since the age of 14. Over the years, Ignoramuss has performed with a plethora of bands playing anything from Jazz to Metal before settling into writing his first love of rap. 



“You come dry, you go dry.”~ Ignoramuss


A lover of all things rap, from boom-bap hip-hop to UK Drill, Ignoramuss blends the U.K sounds with all of the broadest sounds available from the world of Rap. His music is a sub-underground soundscape with lyrics that can only be described as gripes concerning everything that he dislikes around him. Be sure to connect with Ignoramuss on social media and digital music platforms.





Norway Recording Artist, Schizo drops his latest project “Nah, I Gotta Roll”


International artist, Schizo, a 21-year-old independent artist from Norway. This multi-talented artist enjoys creating Alternative Rock and Trap Music with other like-minded individuals. Schizo grew up in Norway-defiantly- not digging the social standard and always pushing some boundaries. He skipped most of his classes in school while pushing music on the side. The self-taught innovator can mix, edit, and play instruments. A few years ago, he started making and posting music. The music industry is very competitive and support is very important. Schizo’s support and motivation came from his Mom and his friends.

Schizo“I’m self-made and grew up at the bottom with only my Momma. She was the one who pushed me to follow my dream, I owe everything to her” says Schizo.


Most artists do it for the fame but it has always been a reliable escape for Schizo. He turns to music to cope with daily trials and tribulations. This artist’s name and his music speak his truth. Be sure to connect with Schizo on social media and digital music platforms.







International Rapper, Ra-Syn delivers his latest single “La Mer”


Ra-Syn is a French speaker rapper, German singer-songwriter from Cameroon. He founded the rap group U.M.A.R. C.V.M with his friends in Yaoundé in 1992. In 2001, Ra-Syn is recognized as a leading artist of the Cameroonian Hip-Hop scene with the album “Born Under a Tree” broadcast on all radios of the country. Also, the album achieves “Album of the Week” on Radio France International with Claudy Siar and awarded the best rap album in Cameroon.

Undeniably, Ra-Syn becomes a figurehead of Cameroonian and African Hip-Hop. He has performed on several international festival stages including over 800 concerts in Africa, France, and Germany. Ra-Syn can be seen in several films like Itilga, “The Destinies”, a short film produced by Waza Images and signed by the director Osvalde Halade Lewat. In 2002, the film broadcasts on TV5 in all the French-speaking countries of the world.

In 2003, Ra-Syn left Cameroon and moved to Amiens in France where he founded the independent label “AmFMusic Unltd.” In 2007, he self-produced the 6 track EP “African Mic Fighter.” In 2009, the sophomore album “Noble and Just Cause” with more than thirty artists including Joël Teek, Melinda Neal, OneR P, Mikah Ali, TNT, VOC Beatboxer, DJ JAWZ, Black Crom, Fulaw, SPR. The music of Ra-Syn is an invitation to the meeting of different universes.


On April 24, 2020, Ra-Syn releases his latest single “La Mer” on digital music platforms. The single was born when his friend and colleague Eric Vincenzini went on vacation to the Côte d’Azur in France in 2016. Eric said that he couldn’t get the melody of “La Mer” (Charles Trenet) out of his head. During a joint exploratory expedition in Senegal, they were able to delve deep into the country’s cultural scene. In this environment, the creative process was initiated to make “La Mer” into a version of its own and to draw attention to the catastrophic conditions that continue to this day.

“It was important to me not to stand here with a raised forefinger, but simply to tell a story that emphasizes the motives. Poverty and dreams of people who see no way out and leave their homes, no matter what it costs.”

A network of Ra-Syn’s friends were enthusiastic about this idea, including the experienced producer and rapper “Krotal (Paul Edouard Etoundi Onambélé)” from Cameroon. Krotal has worked with Manu Dibango, Didier Awadi, Kelly Rowland, Pit Baccardi, and many other African artists, as well as Bobo Brunel Artyst B., who has become an integral part of the Parisian party scene. Both exceptional artists contributed the beats for the newly-created project in their unique way.

The versions of the song were recorded in the Cologne studio Golden Factory(Aras Yadegari ) where the gifted jazz trumpeter Karz von Bonin and Stefan Plassmann (backing vocals) added the finishing touches. Be sure to connect with Ra-Syn on his website, all social media, and digital music platforms.