[Video] Meloyoung (@Only1Meloyoung) – “Today”

Meloyoung is a Minnesota R&B/Soul artist. He was recently featured on “The Drive on Shade45” with DJ K Yung for his hit song “Today” which was produced by his good friend the wonderful Robert O’Neal. The record talks about how we sometimes neglect our spouses by not giving them the time they deserve. Time is a precious commodity and you can’t get it back once it’s gone. When you listen to this masterpiece you can feel the passion in his voice as he is expressing his feelings on spending quality time with his significant other. Meloyoung is on the track to becoming one of top R&b singers and songwriters in his area. He creates music that will stand the test of time, his music is for those who have either been in love , looking for love or done with love. We all fall in one of those categories, Meloyoung also writes music for the world to feel loved, sexy, and beautiful!


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