[New Music] Nick Rose – “Wandering”

Connecticut artist Nick Rose has returned with a new single called “WANDERING”. The release follows up his single “TWEAKIN” from earlier this year, as well as the sharply-crafted, expressive albums VERY COOL, Vol. 2 and CEILING THEORY. Rose, who is the co-founder and creative director of DONT TRIP RECORDINGS LLC, has garnered over a million streams across all platforms, and his music has received praise from publications such as Elevator, Fashionably Early, A1234, Roundhouse Music and more. His latest offering defies genre boundaries with its eclectic, psychedelic sound- pairing abstract, mind-expanding instrumentation with carefully crafted with a versatile vocal performance. “WANDERING” contains a current of electrifying energy throughout, enticing the listener with its hypnotic sonics and boundary-pushing style. Bolstered by a rich, bouncy rhythm section and colorful, lively synths, “WANDERING” straddles the line between hip-hop, alt-pop, and dance. Refreshing in its refusal to be put in a box, “WANDERING” makes for an expansive and personality-rich single from the Connecticut artist that keeps the listener on their toes throughout.

ig: https://www.instagram.com/nxckrxse/


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