Paper Posh


Paper Girl Entertainment Artist, Paper Posh releases her Latest Single “Paper Posh Call”

“Paper Posh” is an informal adjective for “upper class” The East Coast artist, Paper Posh born as Ftema Raysor has been bringing awareness to her brand with music and apparel. She is the CEO of Paper Girl Entertainment and owns Papersposhpics. Paper Posh isn’t that girl next door, she’s a boss. She has trained herself in many things such as fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment. The training proved that her talents are Film Director, Actress, Artist, Skater, and Dancer- just to name a few.

Paper Posh

Paper Posh’s latest single, “Paper Posh Call” is making its way on many streams platform. It is being heard by various DJs on platforms like Digital DJ Pool and downloads have reached over 1,000 in less than a week. Previously released songs like “Boy Young” has amassed over 6,100 streams and “My Daddy Rock Gold Teeth in his Mouth” is trending with over 1,000 streams thus far. The 10-track album “Illegal Eviction” is the album that got her noticed. The tracks have infectious beats laced with lyrical truth. “Wifey or Mistress” fits all of the above.

Paper Posh isn’t afraid to explore any options, she is always seeking something new and innovative. Be sure to connect with Paper Posh on all social media and digital music platforms.






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