[NEW MUSIC] KORSAH – “FREE ME” | @realkorsah

Ghanaian rapper Korsah delivers his new single ” Free Me”

In this difficult situation that we are all in, we are constantly looking for something that would distract us from our everyday life and bring us to a whole new reality, and sometimes music is the only thing that takes our mind off everything else. Thanks to his big passion for creating unique music and putting a little piece of himself in it, Kwame Korsah’s songs had made him stood out from the crowd and make a way in the music world of Western Africa.


Korsah’s music is inspired by his everyday life. Born in Kumasi Ghana and raised from a strong and dedicated single mom of three, giving up wasn`t an option for him. In 2016, he release his first song ‘Snapchat’, and had immediate success. Since then he had been shaking up the ground and breaking up boundaries with his talent and pure, original, and artistry expressiveness through his music. Evidence of this is his followers on social media and thousands of views on YouTube and Spotify which are enjoying his music.

The reviews about his music are that it is very different from other music artists in Ghanda. Its mixed with R&B, Afro Hip-Hop, and Afro Trap. His last song "Hater’" exudes its sonic identity-its cohesiveness gives it an added energetic and dynamic perception. Even though the music album is on its way, we shouldn't listen to it. Just be convinced that it will be a complete hit because from Korsah’s first song, it can be concluded that his soul and identity are completely imprinted in those sounds and rhythms complementing it with his unique and truly pure style, which today, in the music industry, it`s something that can be very rarely found and heard.

If you have someone like Kwame Korsah who prioritizes music, then you have the perfect formula for success. We have an artist who is chasing the passion and unselfishly shares it with all of us – his name is Kwame Korsah. Be sure to connect on all social media and digital music platforms.











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