[NEW MUSIC] N.S – “REACH” | @c_losns

Multi-talented Artist, N.S delivers his latest single “Reach” while preparing the second single “Plastic Flowers” for his fans

Los Angeles native, N.S (Noble Savage) is an artist, producer, and entrepreneur. The eldest of three to a single mother- born name Carlos, N.S has made way for himself in the hip-hop game. The owner of N.S Records is now living in the Midwest and is serving a sound that is upfront, hard-hitting and bringing substance to Hip-Hop. It’s something that’s missing in most hip-hop music today. N.S speaks his views in his lyricism which guides the listener to enjoy the music as to enjoy life. Since day one, that has been the brand of Noble Savage, “Live your life,” pain comes and goes, as well as negative emotions and he conveys that in his music. 

N.S wants to spread a positive message and show others that anything is possible if you want to achieve it. Also, being a scholar is not too common for a Hip-Hop artist. He looks to present a new view of how life can be for the youth coming out of urban neighborhoods like the ones he grew up in.

With a couple of singles in and various mixtapes out, N.S is no stranger to the industry, he is a voice from the underground that needs to be heard. ”Reach” his latest single is a transcendence into enlightening the listener to be more conscious of our life choices as they will affect us in the long run. Listen to “Reach” that’s available on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned for the next single “Plastic Flowers” which will be on his forthcoming album. Don’t forget to connect with N.S on his website, all social media and digital music platforms. 










“Plastic Flowers” which will be on his forthcoming album


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