Michael Stefan


East Coast Artist, Michael Stefan adds another Masterpiece to his collection titled “Rula” featuring Yung Trap and John Concepcion


Michael “Michael Stefan” Marshall represents a new generation of music makers who artistically push boundaries while challenging society’s status quo of what constitutes normal. Born in Suffolk, Virginia in October of 1995, Michael grew up in a rural setting eventually growing bored at an early age enough to ask- what is life? Who am I? Why is life the way it is? Who are we as a culture? Why? 

Michael StefanThe essence of Michael’s being in the making of innovative music today. “Music is my therapy. I need it. Anyone whose seen death close along with drug abuse to those you love without understanding will force you to grow.” The message in Marshall’s unique approach to music shows anyone listening- just be themselves no matter what the obstacle.

Before being offered multiple major recording deals headed into the Pandemic of 2020, Marshall released 2 independent mixtapes along with a few music videos.

“In the midst of your darkness-become your own light.”

The same commonalities that Marshall expresses through his music connect him with the misfits, middle class, and people of the world. Being raised by a minister of music from childhood musically telling stories came naturally to Michael. With the sensational ability to profess introspective truths discovered through going through pressure, his studies of self, and the world-Michael found music and became it.

“I am music from the eyes of the observer.”

Currently, Michael Stefan is preparing a multitude of new music which will be released via his new major label partnership. From near-death experiences, growing up in a single-mother household, having a family of his own, dodging court, drugs, and the streets early on, among many countless life lessons- Michael has reality through art to share. Be sure to connect with Michael Stefan on his website, social media, and digital music platforms. Now Press Play! 











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