East Coast Rap Artist 40BandKaution serves his latest single “Karma”


South Florida has some of the most talented artists and Curators, and 40BandKaution is another artist who’s sure to shake the game. Since 2019, the eighteen-year-old Hollywood native has been pressing his foot on the game. 40BandKaution’s moves have been paying off including placement on the ZZZ Entertainment’s roster.

40BANDKAUTION40BandKaution’s hardcore rap with some old school style is apparent- right off the bat from his new single, “KARMA.” Most of 40BK’s influences are mainstream and have a great amount of lyrical sensibility to them. This means his work game is top tier and he has a great understanding of the structure of curating a great song. At the same time, he is also inspired by the likes of J. Cole, Hopsin, Eminem, and Kanye West. His verses have a lyrical flow with that alpha male factor to them.

In recent months, 40BandKaution places a new emphasis on the underground community. With that said, he dropped two EPs titled “Neptune” and “Messiah.” 40BandKaution is on the move and doesn’t seem to be slowing down, so expect to see a lot more coming from this South Florida native. Be sure to connect with 40BandKaution on social media, and digital music platforms.






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