[NEW MUSIC] JAYPASSION- “100 PROOF” | @Jaypassion_

East Coast Lyricist, Jaypassion drops her latest project, “100 Proof” 

Jaypassion is not just an artist. She’s an all-around dope, laidback, authentic, and thorough individual. Jaypassion graduated from grad school and is very successful in her career. “I work in the social services field because I want to give people the help I didn’t have coming up!” She grew up in the very hardcore streets of Philly. Section 8 housing, absentee father, low income, and all the other fixings contribute Jaypassion has so much to speak on, being a triple minority. “I’m Black, I’m Lesbian, and I’m a woman. My songs are not for money and fame, I have something to say. I hope to reach someone who could be motivated and inspired by hearing.”




“I’ve been writing lyrics for a long time, it’s not what I do -it’s just a part of who I am and how I express myself” ~Jaypassion



Jaypassion is not a rookie to life or music. “If you want to hear something solid and “100 Proof” – look for me! Something thought-provoking and motivating-look for me!!” Be sure to connect with Jaypassion on social media and digital platforms.







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