West Coast Artist, B3 Flex teams up with MJE Music for his latest single “Opp Down”

B3 Flex is an unsigned artist in the spotlight to prove the opposition wrong. He starts his career with freestylin’ around the streets of Compton then expanding to the studio, recording his music, and handing out CDs across local stores. Substantially, he became an icon in music with his unique sounds and catchy lyrics. Soon after, he begins investing in his music to chase his dreams because no one believed his vision. The rest is going to be jotted down in history.

B3 Flex

Born on October 2, 1993, B3 FLEX is raised in a single-parent home. With his father going to prison, when he was only 11yrs of age, he had no older male figure to look up to but his big brother introduces him to music. B3 grew up around people who sold drugs in an area where it was a lot of killing going on every night. He used his music to keep him from making the same mistakes he saw others make his entire life. His accomplishments include establishing and owning a brand/record label called Splurge Team Records. Be sure to connect with B3 Flex on social media and digital music platforms.






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