[NEW MUSIC] JALEN McMILLAN -“No Cap” ft DJ PLAE| @JalenMcMillan_

After announcing his new mixtape “Inferno”, McMillan drops new single


Jalen McMillan looks to follow his successful 2019 and start his 2020 campaign strong and returns with the new song “No Cap.” It’s the 4th & final single before releasing his upcoming mixtape “Welcome to the Inferno”, which is set to release February 14th. Jalen is an American rapper, producer and Real Estate Investor who initially rose to internet fame after his 2014 teen-pop debut EP “Genesis” became an online hit. The album generated over 150 million plays on his Soundcloud. In 2015, his music video for “Until the End” had generated the most views in Vimeo history and charted on the Billboard charts.


“No Cap” was originally released on his “Greatest Hits” compilation which debuted last month, but this version is mixed and mastered by his engineering team @GoldieSoundProductions in Tallahassee and has already reached 15 million plays on McMillan’s SoundCloud.


On the new track, McMillan raps about searching for deeper meaning, but braggadocio-sly flexes about his drugs, automatic weaponry collection, and women to leave him numb, the usual spoils of fame. The single comes shortly after releasing his music video for “Azz Back” which displays McMillan in a private Florida airport with models and riding jet skis around Orlando. As for 2020’s campaign, McMillan is currently in LA finalizing his next mixtape entitled “Inferno”, set to release February 2020.

Be sure to connect with JM on social media and digital music platforms. Fans can stream the album from his website – https://jalenmcmillan.com/







Listen below


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