latoya jane


International Artist, Latoya Jane releases the visual to her latest single, “Be in Like”


Latoya Jane’s music never fails to impress and with her latest hit song, ‘Be In Like’, she truly manages to strike a chord, particularly with her female listeners, who can’t help but relate with the subject matter – that of an unhappy love story and a bitter break-up. There’s just something incredibly compelling in Latoya Jane’s voice, something almost mystical in her distant, ice-cold voice, that still manages to send shivers of emotion down the listener’s spine.


Even though Latoya is a young, up-and-coming talent, what immediately drew me to her music was her daring, the boldness that radiates from her every pore, every word. Clearly, this is a woman who’s been through life and not just the picture-perfect aspects, but the gritty and the hardship, and yet, she has broken through all that and managed to create these beautiful songs that sink into your heart and just resonate with something buried deep inside.


Latoya Jane is an artist who breathes strength through her every move and if this wasn’t clear in the song itself, it becomes obvious when we look at the music video that accompanies ‘Be In Like’, a clip that pairs shots of Latoya in a chic, white suit, singing atop a building and a much more vulnerable, barely clad version of herself, thus beautifully signifying the duality that most of us hide from the world.


The Canadian singer, although just at the start of her music career, has already captured the attention of the public. In 2018, she won the Song Writing Competition in Music Ontario and was nominated for the Best Female Vocalist title at the Queens Rising Together Award. She has already collaborated with various big acts, such as Pinchers, Pamputee, Shawty Lo, and Michie Lee, and will undoubtedly work with numerous other big artists in the coming years.


Latoya Jane infuses her music with passion and obviously, with personal experience, which makes each song feel unique and exciting. Be sure to connect with Latoya Jane on social media and digital music platforms.





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