OnSight Brazy delivers his new EP “Hard Bodied” on several digital music platforms

Onsight Brazy was born in Louisiana and raised in Florida. Recently, the artist’s beloved mom had to fight a battle with cancer and tragically passed away. This was a very tragic and trying time for the artist, who grew up without a father figure, and really bonded with his mother in a deeper way. He is always hoping to make his mother proud, and he does his best to be a great parent himself with 4 kids (3 boys and a girl!). 

Onsight Brazy’s love for his family is also a strong drive, which inspires him to make it in music! Everything he reflects on a beat you feel. He brings true pain and realness to his music with his captivating lyrics, flow, and own style. There’s almost no doubt he’s got something in his versatile arsenal you’ll play on repeat. Be sure t connect with Onsight Brazy on all social media and digital music platforms.


Facebook: onsight.brazy.7

Instagram: b_b_enterprise & osb_brazy

Spotify: Onsight brazy

Tik Tok: o.s.bbrazy

SoundCloud: b & b enterprise

Apple Music: Onsight Brazy



[Featured] Independent Record Label From New Zealand Ready to Take its Roster Global

After building the foundations of their company structure and recruiting local talent, None Entertainment has sold out various shows across their country and are ready to expand to a showcase to a global audience.

None Entertainment is an emerging independent music label from New Zealand. Run by a talented and experienced team that provides solutions for various artists, DJs and entertainers, None Entertainment is at the forefront of expanding the ever-growing New Zealand entertainment industry. With in-house specialists in music production, engineering, artist management, event planning and management, communications and PR, high-end videography and photography, None Entertainment is a full-service establishment for all creators.

Unrivalled in their ability to market events and promote signees through the use of organic grass-rooting in the highly competitive entertainment industry, None Entertainment has hosted nation-wide events such as their  highly-successful “O The Top” shows, which was sold-out in every major city, to build their brand and increase their reputation in the New Zealand community. They are focused on building strong relationships with various community-based organizations to help provide opportunities for talented individuals to showcase their talents to the world. By creating a platform and building infrastructure that can empower those that might not have access to production and recording equipment, None Entertainment is focused on building a structure that provides the platform to those that want to have a career in entertainment. The leadership group has a strong focus on connecting with the youth and believing in the next generation of talented individuals who will uplift New Zealand into the mainstream of the entertainment industry.

We are an entertainment company focussed on changing the music industry and standards in New Zealand. We have been building the foundations for the last year concentrating on building our network and company structure. As CEO, I envision None Entertainment to be at the forefront of change and uplifting our communities and allowing them to shine on the local and international stages. We want to create an environment of progressive talent incubation and artist development and be the go-to destination for young talent in our country. We believe in the pool of untapped talent in New Zealand and are committed to building the best team to enhance their creative output. – Mark Callan, Co-Founder and CEO

By working directly with each member of the label, None Entertainment has a mission of scaling its reach to the Australasian, European and American audiences. Their team has a strong belief in New Zealanders’ ability and talent and aims to be the bridge between them and the global markets. None Entertainment aims to be the leading destination for all entertainers with strong ties to local and international booking agencies to grow each individual’s network and brand.

With my experience working in the entertainment industry across Asia, I truly believe that New Zealand has the potential to rise and get to the top. Our goal at None Entertainment is to be the bridge between New Zealand and the overseas audience by creating opportunities for our local artists to reach new heights. We want to open up the doors for our local talent by providing them with the right tools to enhance their sound and talents and to capitalize on the growing global entertainment industry. – Ho Lee, Co-Founder and Head of A&R

With talent-incubation ability only matched by the larger major record labels in New Zealand, None Entertainment aims to continue to expand their roster of signees which includes rising rap-star “Sauce40”, New Zealand’s top-rated DJ “Zeroz”, and YouTube sensation “Ryder” from ‘The Cougar Boys’.

“Sauce40”, recently known as “Y3K$”, is an up and coming artist from a small town called Huntly, located in Waikato, New Zealand. His name is derived from, ‘Sauce’ meaning his drip style, while ‘40’ represents his day-one childhood crew.  With his last singles under his previous name doing considerable numbers, Sauce40 has been showcasing and improving his diversity and adaptability to various styles of music. His sound still has elements of hard/trap rap, but after experimenting with his voice and putting in hours in the studio, he has increased his ability to create more melodic music and has used that to his advantage to increase his listening audience.

“Zeroz” is a multi-faceted DJ who is bringing new dimensions to the music industry by incorporating a variety of genres and sounds suited to various crowds. Zeroz is influenced by the different cultures she was exposed to during her upbringing with a mixed ethnicity of half European and half Chinese. She currently has a residency at Face Night Club Auckland, and is managed by None Entertainment. She has performed at a multitude of showcases and venues across New Zealand including The Roxy, Round 6, Infinity Club, Face Club and Raynham Park. Supported by her large following, Zeroz was voted 1st in New Zealand and 6th place within Australia and Oceania for DJANETOP’s Top DJs list.

With a strong foundation set in stone and a company structure that is tailored to nurture talent, None Entertainment is ready to expand its global presence and put its roster into the eyes of the international audience.

Liam Suttie Communications Director, None Entertainment www.none-ent.com press@none-ent.com


Website: www.none-ent.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/none_entertainment/

[VIDEO] Carlito Black – “Kawhi” | @ItsCarlitoBlack

Carlito Black releases the visual to his Latest Banga “Kawhi”

Carlito Black, born DeCarlo Serrano, is an exceptional lyricist with an aggressive delivery. He was born and raised in Carol City -an impoverished northern suburb of Miami, Florida -also known as Murda Gardens. The Southern lyricist operates independently and self-funded under his imprint, Blueprint Music Group. Similar to Nipsey Hussle and Crenshaw, He is incorporating his hood into a diverse marketing strategy. His 10-year scenic route to popularity has chiseled him into a polished artist, songwriter, producer, and business-savvy hustler. Also known as “Baby Jefe,” Carlito’s self-proclaimed title seems to be the theme of his strategic fearlessness. 


Carlito Black infuses gritty conscientious lyrics into an energetic trap nostalgia with distinctive signature sounds. His content reflects the mind of an unorthodox critical thinker with exceptional penmanship. Black has delivered tracks like “Cross Da BorderAin’t Asking, and ThugLife” which can be heard on platforms like Spotify. Representing his Jamaican roots and Dominican Republican bloodline, the self-made mogul offers dynamic vocals laced with random Spanglish lingo and patois accents. Despite the overwhelming lack of support from the 305 veterans, Dade County’s black sheep and owner of B.P.M.G. Blueprint Music Group is the most slept on independent artist in Hip-Hop! Be sure to connect with Carlito Black on all social media and digital music platforms. 













[VIDEO] Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif-“Neon Diamonds” ft. 2B

East Coast Artist Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif teams up with 2B for his latest single’s “Neon Diamonds” visual 

Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina – Southeast Raleigh – to be exact. The independent songwriter recording artist made his presence felt in 2020 and 2021. During that time, he releases numerous singles like “Magik” which is produced by Paperfall Bros, and “Neon Diamonds” featuring 2B, produced by DatklienBeat (DatklienProducer). 

Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif has been noted by his peers as the “Keyholder” and it’s obvious as to why, His verses are full of context and substance that hit on his life experiences. His work has been recognized by media outlets such as “FVMusicBlog, Muzicnotez, MTVRock, Jamsphere Magazine, 1st Day Fresh, and Street Wave Media. The single “Magik” has amassed well over 50k streams on Spotify and over 20k views on Youtube. With the “Line on Fire” single set to be released in the near future, Uknomewel LilKev Loksmif is showing no signs of letting up.












Texas Rapper Deetrxll teams up with Quin NFN on his single “Diss One”

Deetrxll (Dylan Rhine) is a songwriter, born in New Iberia, Louisiana. Raised in Port Arthur Texas, he is one of the top on the verge artists of the year. The Port Arthur native recently released his new single “DISS ONE ” featuring Quin NFN. “Diss One” is produced by Dixon. The song is about Deetrxll making it out of the hood and never going back. The lyrics include hard times coming up as an artist from a small town. 


“The song is dedicated to all the people that said I wouldn’t be nothing in life and I wouldn’t get anywhere with my music”  

Growing up in Port Arthur, Texas has helped Deetrxll shape his sound. His delivery has a very unique style and aura that’s quite appealing. Anyone who hears his music is instantly drawn in to hear more. During his career, his style is being influenced by some of the greats such as; Lil Wayne, Tory Lanez,2pac, Toosii, No Cap, and Lil Baby. These artists are all storytellers and cater to the relatability of listeners. 

DeeTrxll stands to be one of the most versatile rap artists of his time. One of his trending singles, “From Me to You,” gave him the break into the popular culture where he continues to help build the legacy of BMB. His medley of gripping narratives and melodic cadence are among the slew of reasons why he is becoming a cultural staple. His musical catalog is very diverse and he always presents something fresh and innovative. Once that you’ve added one of his songs to your playlist, you’ll look forward to new content. He does not disappoint. Be sure to keep up to date on all of his content by connecting with him on his social media and digital music platforms! 






DJ Kaitos career started 10 Years ago back in 2011. Join him and dive in to his best songs remade for this aniversary album.Simon Bohnsack also better known under the psyeudonym Destroyed Jeane “DJ” Kaito was born on 2 August 1997 in Hanover, Germany

Kaito already lives out his creative musical side in childhood. He played mandolin, harmonica and piano at the age of 12.

His love of music prompted him to use the YouTube platform for himself in 2011 and try it out for himself. For this reason he took over the channel “superconan4ever” (today: “Vier Sterne Deluxe Records”) from a friend.

Besides countless cover songs and mixes which appeared on the channel and the mix tape “DJ Kaito Nr.1”, 2012 saw the release of “6. October (Day of the Nations)”, an independent – and solo produced – single for the first time.

Due to the viral success of the music video further mixtapes and EPs were released. In 2013 Simon released the concept mixtape “Das Vermächniss der RST” which consists of syllables without meaning. Due to the interest of the fans in this kind of music, which from now on is known as RST, songs of this kind by Simon have been released until today. In 2020 the German YouTuber Tanzverbot made that style mainstream.

In 2015 the RST music video “Don’t wanna be a Quader” from the Album “Best of DJK” became a viral hit.
After the success of the music video and the album, Simon set out on a dream come true: An own tour.

In May 2016 it was time after months of work. Hamburg, Braunschweig, Düsseldorf and Hanover were the stops on the “Mahnwachen Tour 2016”. One year later, the “STOPP RAMSTEIN Tour”, which was also advertised on TV, continued the success of the tour.
In the same year the album #LightningQuader appeared with a big promotion. It is still one of his most successful albums.
In the meantime, he collaborated with various artists such as Paula P’Cay, Sintakk, Diehlenbrothals or the music project WAMP.

At the beginning of 2018 Simon came out as maby the first German Rapper that is pansexual and retired great to have time for himself.  Despite this, he appeared on the 4th Nationwide pece vigil in Berlin with chartbreaker Kilez More and other musicians. Also in Hambug a live album was recorded, which released at the end of the year.
In 2019 he returned with the album “Signal kommt“. Songs out of it appeared all across the US on radiostations and magazine stories followed.
One year later his 2012 released Mix of “Revenge” became a suprising viral hit with ten-thousand of views in a short time.

For 2021 he announced a 10 Year anniversary tour trough Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and UK. Do to Covid-19 he must cancled it. A B Plan was made for that year: 12 Months – 12 Singles and a Best Of Album.

At the end of 2011 he also founded the music project “Vier Sterne Deluxe” with his colleague and friend “DJ Sheldon”, which has been released to this day with alternating cast, two albums and two EPs.


Insta: https://Instagram.com/djkaitode
FB: https://fb.me/DJKaitoDE
Web: http://djkaito.de

[NEW EP] I AM THE WOLF – “IF YOU DARE” |@iamthewolf7

The rap world is becoming more and more competitive, with artists popping up every day with new material and promising talent. The digital age of music has also levelled the playing field while also making it that much easier to drown any artist’s music in a crowd of sounds. Yet even with all that, artists like rapper I Am The Wolf are breaking through the clutter and rising above all to make their mark in the industry.

I Am The Wolf was born in Palo Alto and raised in Oakland. From a young age, he started to be impacted by music as it was around him all the time. He felt a different connection with music and knew that was a sign that he was supposed to pursue a career in music. At just 12 years of age, rapping for his local Church at quite a occasions, I Am The Wolf began to get positive feedback and decided it was time to take his career head-on.

Through the duration of his career thus far, he has seen great support for his music. I Am The Wolf writes and creates Music that is closely associated with his personal life and the hardships that life has thrown his way.

As an artist, I Am The Wolf is highly versatile. His melodies are dominant, getting people hooked within the first few seconds and turning them into believers of the hip-hop artist. But what motivates the artist to create music is his passion for impacting people through his music. I Am The Wolf hopes that his music would change millions of lives, something he feels is lacking in today’s music industry.

A handful of his songs, including “Over the Moon,” “Vybin,” “For The Night,” and his album “If You Dare,” have racked in over 100,000 plus streams. An impressive feat for a young artist, I Am The Wolf is hungry for more results and is applying pressure to take his career to new heights.

Deriving inspiration and being influenced by many artists such as Eminem, J.Cole, Russ and many more. Not only being attracted to the music side but also to the creators outlook on life and mentality. Much like his music, he grew interested and learned to play guitar on his own and with that came his passion for music which lets him connect to the world.

I Am The Wolf is a one-man army as he writes, records, and makes music; he also shoots and edits the videos. About his love for music, he says, “Music helps me connect with myself and people. I want to gift people original songs and uplifting tracks which they can enjoy anywhere, anytime.”

You can follow I Am The Wolf here: https://www.instagram.com/iamthewolf7/

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/if-you-dare-ep/1523055500

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