CBF Hollywood – “Dat Baby” ft Love Dorsey| @cbfhollywood

CBF Hollywood’s single “Dat Baby” features Tampa’s very own Love Dorsey

CBF Hollywood-born Harold Joe Jr. in Dunedin Fl. is a multi-faceted artist and his style is a reflection of his life experiences – past and present. The Tarpon Springs, Florida native grew up in a world of diverse sounds. It all began when he was a little boy, Hollywood would hear his Grandfather playing his organ daily in preparation for Sunday’s morning service at church. Other family members of CBF Hollywood always played music in the household which molded the young Harold Jr. into the artist he is today. 

In the beginning, CBF Hollywood wasn’t interested in becoming an artist. His interest was piqued after he discovered that making beats for his family members wasn’t enough for him. During their recording sessions, he would coach them on how they should rap on his beats. Soon Hollywood grew tired of doing this and decided to bring something different and fresh to the “Sunshine State’s” Hip-Hop scene. At that time, he proved that he is a contender in this game. He started developing his musical technique quickly which could be heard in his delivery. 


CBF Hollywood has only been in the industry for a decade but has worked with various major and independent artists and labels worldwide. He is heavily influenced by Master-P, Bone Thugs, 2Pac, Juvenile, and Trick Daddy. Recently, He collaborated with LA’s very own Slim 400 on his “Cruising LA” track and it’s one of his most listened singles to date. When it comes to Hip Hop, CBF Hollywood brings an innovative, energetic, and lyrical vibe to his music. He doesn’t follow trends. Instead, he delivers a different Floridian energy rarely seen or heard in that market. The South Florida rapper makes music that forces you to believe his story with an unmatched sound. CBF Hollywood’s music is trendy and showcases a style and lyricism that’s unmistakably his own. He is known for his popular singles like “Dat Baby,” “Cruising LA,” “On Edge,” and “The Way We Live.” Collectively, the singles continue to amass over 25,000 streams on Spotify alone.

CBF Hollywood will officially drop his project  “Summertime Slide,” just in time for the heat. As the owner of CBF Records, Hollywood is committed to delivering “feel good” music for the world to hear. There isn’t anything the CEO can’t do if he puts his mind to it. But even with his gifts, people try to count him out. CBF Hollywood will continue to rise to the occasion with fresh beats and innovative trap flows. He is well ahead of the game, so get “locked in” and ride this wave. Be sure to connect with CBF Hollywood on his website, social media, and digital music platforms. 







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Dangerous Rob – “I Love U” | @fattwoo

Dangerous Rob and his visual for “I Love U” has become a Fan Favorite

Dangerous Rob aka Robert C. Daniels II  is Oklahoma`s premier hip-hop artist and is known to his friends as D-Rob. Dangerous Rob has already made his mark in Japan, Germany, Australia, and the UK. He recorded his first rap record at the age of 15, with a group named THOB-MOB. Rob graduated from Thomas Edison Prep School, and then he went on to Langston University where he majored in Broadcasting and Journalism.

Ultimately, he put his educational goals aside and released his second record. With the combined forces of Partners-N-Rhyme, a local rap group, this record was distributed nationwide through an Independent label called ACI Records based out of Los Angeles, California. Independently, their record sold more than 500,000 copies of the single “Cold Chillin in the Middle.” This popularity allowed the group a feature on the Arsenio Hall Show and national tours across the country.

Dangerous Rob

In 2022, Dangerous Rob released the single “Dangerous Wayz” and in March of 2023, Rob released the new single and accompanying visual “I Love U” from his 8th album. In the single, Rob explains, “Let me explain because this game is needed. Treat people how you want to be treated.” Per usual, Rob’s seasoned lyrics relay a message that people of all different walks of life can relate to. Now that the official video is here, the power that “I Love U” holds will continue to grow and capture the attention of real Hip-Hop fans.

The seasoned rapper has had previous success with singles, “Work It”, “To the Top” and Real Sh!t”, and now beginning the year with “I Love U,” the most impactful song of this generation. The single is available on all streaming platforms. Oklahoma has produced some of the biggest names in the music industry. The Gap Band and Charlie Wilson, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Wayman Tisdale, and Hanson. It won’t be very long before Dangerous Rob is added to this list. Be sure to connect with Dangerous Rob on all social media and digital music platforms.


Twitter: @fattwoo

Instagram: @dangerousrob918

[Article] Meet The Infamous Producer Luminess Beats | @LuminessBeats

Luminess Beats, also known as Iz Dat Luminess, is a one of a kind producer that has been perfecting his craft for over 7 years now. Luminess Beats was originally started in 2015. Having lived in Los Angeles most of his life he had also lived in NY for a couple of yours. Therefore, Luminess Beats has versatile influence in hip hop, boom bap, drill, & trap type beats. Equipped with a heavy kick and crisp snare, he dominates the drums to another level. Luminess Beats recently stated that “music is his language.” In 5 years, he sees himself as a well known producer in the industry. Having mentors like Dr. Dre & Scott Storch, his creativity is endless.

Luminess Beats is far from done, proving his success as an independent producer in the music industry. Luminess Beats said that he isn’t after the clout or money, but he is more after the respect and legacy he can leave for the younger generation coming up under him. He is simply a go-getter and a dream chaser fighting to be successful by any means necessary. Luminess Beats knows what it takes to make it in the industry and definitely has what it takes. He has many new projects in the works and he cannot wait to show them to his supporters. He always makes sure to give credit where due, which separates him from most producers in the industry today.

Luminess Beats has started his producer journey by networking with individuals on different social platforms. He is staying busy and being published nationwide in articles. From magazines to news sites, he is taking over the industry day by day and making it look very easy. Luminess Beats is on the path to success and he’s never going to look back. Be sure to follow Luminess Beats on all social media platforms and be on the lookout for new beats coming very soon. You don’t want to miss out on anything he’s putting together or releasing, because he’s on a true roll to be the best, next up producer!

Stage Name
Luminess Beats
Website Link
Instagram Link
Hi! Introduce yourself, what is your name?
Iz Dat Luminess
Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?
Hi my name is Kianoush also known as Iz dat luminess. I started off djing in 2013 which inspired me to want to be a producer in 2015.
Where are you from? When did you start music?
Originally born in Iran and raised in California most of my life started in 2013 
What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?
Surviving a 2 story fall at 2 years old. 
Who inspires you the most musically?
Dr Dre, Scott storch, Mustardonthebeat
What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?
Get more Motivated and create more inspiration 
What is the purpose driving you to pursue music?
Music is my passion and production has become a routine I love to do 
What is your greatest achievement so far as a musician?
Being able to establish my own sound and to collaborate with many artists and producers 
What’s your music process like? How do you write your songs?
I work with multiple programs to create my sound. This helps me stand out and form a unique melody to create the sounds heard in my beats
Who is one artist you wish you could work with?
Dr Dre 
Tell us about any new songs or projects you have coming out?
“Khode Jense” Single release May 6th 
What does a day inside your shoes look like?
My day currently consists of countless hours in the studio trying to finish up the mixtape releasing in September called “Saucer”
Anything else you want the audience to know about you?
I appreciate all the love and support I receive from my fans and will continue to work. 

[Music] Tytruth – “Intro”

Holly Springs, Mississippi and Mad House Records artist Tytruth drops off his new single entitled “Intro” out now on all streaming platforms. Tytruth has been pursuing music for just about one year now. “I’m a person who likes to tell my life through music with my emotions, an experience I’ve been through in life,” said Tytruth. Make sure you get intune with Tytruth right now and stream his music on all streaming services. 

@l3x Oliv3r  – “Ch1ps” [New Music]

@l3x Oliv3r delivers his new single on all digital platforms

@l3x Oliv3r is no stranger to darkness. Growing up in the crime-ridden town of Macon, Georgia, about an hour outside of Atlanta, the most he saw anyone achieve was a life sentence in a dead-end job. That was never enough for @l3x, he was always dreaming of the world beyond.

One day in his youth, @l3x discovered the video for ‘My Band’ by D12. He was mesmerized by their hilarious antics, the bravado of the music, and of course, the girls. The possibility of creating a living by having fun, doing crazy things, and making music set him on fire. Artists seemed to have the ultimate freedom, and he knew he could have it too. He began breathing to the rhythm of Eminem, absorbing the genius production of Kanye West, and embodying the day-to-day sentiments of trials and tribulations from his favorite rock bands. He found constant inspiration in the rapper DZK, whose prolific underground catalog got millions of listens. DZK’s genre-bending aesthetic and devotion to the darker side of life mirrored @l3x’s and showed him how to carve his path.

@l3x moved to Atlanta for college right after high school and started hustling by playing dozens and dozens of shows and handing out his music to anyone that would listen. He networked tirelessly, joined student organizations, and even became a member of several music-oriented university organizations. He poured the contents of his soul into his music and built up a following. When the university’s event board was looking for opening acts for Rick Ross, @l3x mentioned his music and everyone immediately chose him for an opening slot. But Rick Ross suffered a stroke before the show and canceled. Shortly afterward, @l3x got the opportunity to open up for Big Boi during a festival and that show was rained out.

@l3x Oliv3r

@l3x had been excited to play with these two icons and the disappointment shook him to his core. He felt like the universe itself was against him. Haters called his music evil, vile, and demonic. Other Atlanta rappers that he admired quit the game and his courses needed more attention. He couldn’t break through, so he decided to take a break. After graduation, @l3x threw himself into a career in finance. He began working an intense schedule that started at 9 am and ended somewhere between 2 and 5 am. This grueling schedule continued for two and a half years until @l3x began missing how connected and free he felt when he was making music. He took an easier job and got to work on Faust I, a tape he’s wrapping and plans to release in the coming months.

Whatever your mood is, @l3x will amplify it and be with you through it all. He combines the complex lyrical maneuvers of Tech N9ne with an intoxicating flow that’s reminiscent of Migos. The production style is dark, diverse, and futuristic and reminds one of the stylings of Kid Cudi or Travis Scott, but @l3x tackles subjects that aren’t typically explored in rap. Sure, he drinks too much, engages with too many promiscuous women, and smokes more hookah than any mortal should, but in the next breath, he’s quoting H.H. Holmes and digging into ideas of depression, insecurity, self-loathing, and abandonment. @l3x is unabashedly pessimistic. He weaves a loner’s narrative through enchanting choruses, a multi-syllabic rhyming style, and witty punchlines. His music is hot, smoky, and reckless. @l3x turns off the lights and invites you to sit in the dark with him and makes you want to.

Welcome to the next enigma of Hip-Hop music. Get ready to go so deep into hell that you’ll forget to care about heaven, and to get so high that you’ll forget hell ever existed. His music is hot, smoky, and reckless. It’s a quick overindulgence with someone you can’t keep your eyes off of. His rhymes are written on the small of your back, and they leave scars. It’s not for the timid, but for those that have smelled the devil’s breath and lived to tell the tale, it’s nothing short of magic. Be sure to connect with Alex Oliver on his website, social media, and digital music platforms.





[Interview] Shaiva: “Kobe’s one of those players that inspired me to play the game” | Scoop Talks #8 | @ShaiVA23 @BovadaOfficial

Fredericksburg, Virginia artist and TikTok star ShaiVA talks about the success of his hit song “Basketball“ joins ScoopB on Bovada sharing his admiration for the late great Kobe Bryant. The TikTok star has accumulated over “ 100 million views “ on social media and is currently in the process of re releasing the song through 3rdEyeRecordings/UMG this spring.

[Video] Tan DaGod – “Controlla Freestyle” 

Oakland California female artist Tan DaGod releases her official music video for her track entitled “Controlla Freestyle” shot by WeThePartySean. The record was produced by rising producer Panama The Kid. The visual already has over 100K views on YouTube. “The inspiration for the song was just to showcase my freestyle and show my pen can not be touched no matter what sound or wave,” said Tan DaGod. Her top influences in the rap game are Mr. Fab, Blasta and Khaos. Tan DaGod would love to work with artists such as Drake, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Kash Doll and Burna Boy. Is Tan DaGod the hottest female artist coming out of the Bay Area.  

[Music] Mic C. Craz (@mic_c_wit_it) F/ ShaiVA (@ShaiVA23) – “Gumption Freestyle”

Mic C. CraZ is an American recording artist from Newport News, Virginia releases his single entitled “Gumption Freestyle” featuring fellow Virginia artist and founder & CEO of Out The Trap ENT ShaiVA. Mic C. Craz began his career in 2015 after graduating high school. He began making beats in his bedroom, then recording local artists around the 757 area of Virginia. He released his first EP ‘No Different’ in 2018. Eventually, He relocated to the Bay Area and he released his second body of work ‘Prolific’ in 2019. His influences are among Pharrell Williams, Ninth Wonder, Master P, Ludacris & more.

[Video] Kash XO (@IamKashXO) F/ Fivio Foreign (@FivioForeign) – “Clear The Room”

LA-Native Kash XO takes the world by storm with his music video “Clear The Room” featuring Fivio Foreign;courtesy of Columbia Records. The Diamond Empire Production visual speaks volumes on how far Kash has come in his career. Kash XO is no stranger to the music scene. Showcasing his captivating skills he has made himself a big deal and is growing as an artist. Ever since he signed his contract with J.U.B Records owned by L.A. Dre and CEO JubbieKash XO has been a force to be reckoned with dropping music videos and singles back to back. He reached his first million views in 2020 after the release of his song “Big Racks” shot and directed by upscale LA-videographer Ben MarcKash XO was born in Oxnard, California and would move to Los Angeles later on which would have a huge impact on his career. Here he would meet L.A Dre and sign an artist development deal with J.U.B. Records. Kash’s main goal is to create a legacy for him and his family; being able to provide for his small son. After junior high Kash played hoops and thought about going professional before he found music. Influences like Drake and Lil Baby keep him motivated as an artist to keep him in the studio making music. His label keeps him busy taking every booking while creating non-stop as he debuts the release of his album. The single for “Clear The Room” is also now available to stream on all platforms

[Video Trailer] Bezzle (@Flawless_Bezzle) – “The Pose”

Bezzle releases his video trailer for his single entitled “The Pose”, to give the fans a snippet of what’s to come in the near future. “The Pose” can be streamed right now on Apple Music and Spotify. “This song is motivation for all upcoming entrepreneurs. Inspiration for music all around. Anyone who is working toward their dreams, going through their journey with a focused vision, will relate to this track for sure. A little new school melody with the old school flow. Im getting the message out there”, words from Beezle himself about his record “The Pose”.

Headkrack – “Mona Lisa’s Scars” | @headkrack

HeadKrack Releases New Women’s Anthem “Mona Lisa’s Scars”

A Portrait Stripped Bare 

Headkrack, the acclaimed hip-hop artist has released his latest single “MONA LISA’S SCARS”. The song showcases his distinctive flow and lyrical prowess, as well as the smooth vocals of Mahdi and Travii the 7th. A powerful and thought-provoking track that delves into the complexities of the human experience, tackling themes of love, loss, and resilience. 

For the ladies. All of’em. “MONA LISA’S SCARS” is that aromatic blend of acceptance and empowerment laid down over a soul stirring track produced by Local Astronauts.  It’s TikTok worthy.  And it’s about damn time. There’s something phenomenal when men come together to celebrate the Divine Feminine.  Noooo, not talking about ass and gushy…but about real people with real history to overcome.

In today’s social climate, Women find themselves inundated with serums, creams, hairstyle and clothing choices that are aimed at making them feel less than who they are. “MONA LISA’S SCARS” is a laid-back wake-up call for Women to relax and embrace themselves as they are.  

The track features lyrics from Mahdi and Travii the 7th in a pace that allows the message to breathe and resonate. The hook “Be glad to know you’re perfect as you are. No, you don’t have to be a superstar. If I had a second chance, I would choose you the way you are.  But it’s up to you for you to love your scars,” repeats just enough times for the message to hit ladies where their scars live.


“So many women don’t see the perfection in every flaw that truly makes them perfect. Women are often too hard on themselves and fail to recognize their own unique qualities, beauty and worth. I want to celebrate and encourage self-acceptance and appreciation for one’s individuality”, expressed HEADKRACK.

Straight from the gate, HeadKrack words of a chance encounter, a street meet and greet sets the tone for Men who actually get it.  Yup! They exist and “MONA LISA’S SCARS” lets it be none loud and clear. This is a jam that we can see women of all races, ages, sizes, and financial backgrounds embracing. It is NOT the everyday superficial song that they don’t need.  

That’s it. Something so simple. Arriving at the perfect time, on the perfect canvas. “MONA LISA’S SCARS” will be a healing anthem, mantra, and affirmational tool in the arsenal of Women everywhere guaranteed…or your money back. 

“MONA LISA’S SCARS” is now available on all streaming platforms and the music video (a visually stunning work that perfectly captures the mood and message of the song) can be seen on HeadKrack’s YouTube channel. HeadKrack’s fans can also follow him on social media for more updates on future projects and tours.  

For more information about HeadKrack, please visit and follow him @Headkrack on all social media.









Funkghost (@Funkghost) – “A.M.P.” Ft Brainorchestra [Video]

Funkghost teams up with Brainorchestra for his single’s visual “A.M.P”

Funkghost, the multi-talented artist and producer from Tampa, Florida releases his official music video for his brand new single entitled “A.M.P.” featuring New Jersey MC Brainorchestra. 

The “A.M.P.” music visual was directed by Steven Quach for Aeri Productions. “A.M.P”, Always Making Power Moves, is from Funkghost’s forthcoming album “Life Is How You Paint It.” Y’all better learn A.M.P. so you’ll understand that “Life Is How You Paint It.” Be sure to connect with Funkghost on all social media and digital music platforms.





Go stream Funkghost’s “A.M.P” on your favorite streaming platform- LehGo!



Dee Havior (@DeeHavior) – “Free” (Video)

 Detroit Hip Hop artist Dee Havior releases visuals to his pivotal single “Free”

This comes during a crucial time in Hip Hop and the world as a whole. A backdrop driven by drums and striking bass looped with soulful melodies heightens Dee Havior’s lyrical testament.

The intro gives off revolutionary vibes while Dee Havior overlooks his city with distress, but also with hope. His potent rhymes and storytelling depicts the desire and needs to be free. He’s striving towards opportunities and unity within the communities. Dee Havior also embodies what being free looks like from his childhood memories through adulthood. Be sure to connect with Dee Havior on all social media and digital streaming platforms.


Twitter: @DeeHavior (https://twitter.com/DeeHavior)

IG: @DeeHavior 

[Video] Dee Havior (@DeeHavior) – “Free”

Detroit Hip Hop artist Dee Havior releases visuals to his pivotal single “Free.” This comes during a crucial time in Hip Hop and the world as a whole. A backdrop driven by drums and striking bass looped with soulful melodies heightens Dee Havior’s lyrical testament.
The intro gives off revolutionary vibes while Dee Havior overlooks his city with distress, but also with hope. His potent rhymes and storytelling depicts the desire and needs to be free. He’s striving towards opportunities and unity within the communities. Dee Havior also embodies what being free looks like from his childhood memories through adulthood.

[Video] Funkghost (@Funkghost) F/ Brainorchestra (@_brainorchestra) – “A.M.P.”

Tampa, Florida multi talented artist and producer Funkghost releases his official music video for his brand new single entitled “A.M.P.” featuring New Jersey MC Brainorchestra. The music visual was directed by Steven Quach for Aeri Productions. “A.M.P”, Always Making Power Moves, is off Funkghost’s forthcoming album “Life Is How You Paint It”. Go stream “A.M.P” on all streaming platforms right now. 

DJ Blitz releases his new album titled “FUTURE 2”

DJ Blitz is spreading the most positive vibes through each of his releases

DJ Blitz, the Anonymous DJ resides in Miami and is an Electronic Music Producer, Independent Artist/Songwriter, and highly sought-after Club DJ. The many hats worn by him will help him achieve his goal to keep the EDM culture alive. At the age of 16, Blitz knew that he wanted to be a DJ after hearing a song titled “Alone” by one of his influences, Producer / DJ Marshmello.In 2018, Blitz gained recognition by releasing remixes of songs by international producers – Galantis and Hook N Sling. His popularity increased by doing small birthday parties and his signature look – a blue box with two blacked-out eyes and a cute smile. 


DJ Blitz’ ‘Future 2’ (the upbeat number) features the artist’s signature eclectic mix of various genres blended together which results in a truly unique, electro-pop sound. Currently, his most popular singles “Hangover (Remix)” and “Love On Me Future Two” collectively amasses over 38,000 streams on Spotify.

Taking listeners on the most enticing of musical journeys, the EDM DJ/producer has been delivering one fire production after the other, whilst his unique style of play. In addition to his iconic alien mask that keeps his identity a secret, DJ Blitz is inspired by the likes of Martin Garrix, Dat Punk, and Avicii; just name a few, 

DJ Blitz is the epitome of an artist that has mastered his craft to the utmost perfection, and we are all for it.IMBLITZMUSIC ensures that his love for music is portrayed in a way that will change everyone’s taste toward music, and in turn, leaves fans alike eager for what’s next from this fast-rising star. With this in mind, we could not be any more thrilled to have caught up with the man of the moment, as he opens up about his main inspirations and influences, his upcoming album takes over “FUTURE 3.” Be sure to connect with DJ Blitz on all social media and digital music platforms to see plans for 2023 and more.











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